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I got into this site from listining to the podcasts and enjoy them so much, That i decided to join. Im no good at describing myself so i will write it later.(profile under construction)

Top of my head(game faves)

Breath of Fire(all of them)
Burnout(from 3 on)
Castle Crashers
Chrono Trigger
Final Fantasy 7-10(plus tactics)
Guitar Hero and Rock Band
Left 4 dead
Monster Madness
Resident Evil
Saga Frontier
Silent Hill
Star Ocean:the second story
Street Fighter
Trauma Center(any of them)
Vigilante 8
Zombies ate my neighbors
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nothing to do with games but I been listining to the podcasts on the website for a while and i miss the old gamercast network voice. I missed the guy who sounded like he had been mixing mountain dew with jolt cola and various other drugs. I miss how extreme it was and i want that guy back. The new gamercast guy lacks power. It sounds like he enjoys yoga, green tea and relaxing walks on the beach. I have no problem with these thing and enjoy some of them myself but i just don't like the new voice. I know its not important but was wondering if anyone else felt the same

P.S is it me but when i click on forums it doesn't open and says brb