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BitTrauma avatar 9:36 PM on 01.15.2013  (server time)
The New Year Brings Bundles Of Joy!

One thing I think we as gamers can agree on is that we absolutely love a good deal on games. I myself love it when Steam throws up an awesome deal. It allows me to get a large number of games that I normally couldn't afford at a much more reasonable price. I have been noticing a lot more sites cruising with the ''Humble Bundle Formula''.

The HBF is the idea that a gamer can pay a set amount of money for a collection of games and usually their soundtracks. The money is split among the developers, the site, and charity. This is a very effective idea. Some of the sites that offer this sort of deal allow you to choose how you split your payment. You can literally choose how much you want each of those three to get out of your cold hard cash.

Some of these bundles offer multiple $20 plus games for a collective total of no more than 6-7 dollars. This is a crazy good deal. The only time you will find deals like that is usually say Steam's yearly Christmas sale. I know most of you can find half of that in change under your couch cushions, so naturally this is an idea concept for the gamer looking for something new or the avid couch change collector looking to empty his or her piggy bank.

I only recently jumped on the ''Bundle Bandwagon''. I've paid a total of $19 dollars for the following games via and

1. Snapshot + Soundtrack
2. Closure + Soundtrack
3. The Binding of Isaac + Wrath of The Lamb DLC
4. Indie Game : The Movie + Soundtrack (Outstanding documentary BTW!)
5. Shank 2 + Soundtrack
6. Dungeon Defenders + DLC + Soundtrack
7. Legend of Grimrock + Soundtrack
8. The Basement Collection + Soundtrack
9. Offspring Fling + Soundtrack
10. Cave Story + + Soundtrack
11. Unstoppable Gorge
12. Stellar Impact
13. Twin Sector
14. Dead Horde
15. Future Wars
16. Greed : Black Border
17. Grotesque Tactics
18. Trapped Dead
19. Men of War : Vietnam
20. Off-Road Driving
21. Reign : Conflict of Nations
22. Death To Spies : Moment of Truth
23. Death Track : Resurrection
24. Star Wolves 2
25. Real Warfare 1242
26. Real Warfare 2 : Northern Crusades

It's pretty clear that I made out like a bandit. Between those two sites I was able to get 26 amazing games for $19 dollars. The collective value of all of these games is around $361. Keep in mind that is not counting the massive amount of soundtracks I got with one of the bundles. I imagine each of those are valued at around 3-7 dollars. It's clear that the HBF is a beautiful thing for the budget gamer.

This new year brings a gang of new sites on the rise who have the same exact business plan. I would recommend keeping an eye on the following sites for different Indie and none Indie based bundles.

These are the three main sites I watch. There are many more sites who follow the HBF with massive deals on a regular basis.

I think my personal opinion on this is pretty flat out I love it! I love the idea that I can get massive discounts on new games as well as provide directly to the developers and multiple charities. The HBF is gradually becoming a hot trend for the new year. I personally welcome it with open arms. If you have a bundle story, feel free to share it with the community.

What do you peeps think of the HBF?

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