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Bit Trauma is a collective of bright up and coming video game journalists. We run an overall media page covering the newest news, reviews, screens, and trailers. Here lately our roster has been growing and the talent is clear.

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12:06 PM on 09.05.2013

In an effort to grow Bit Trauma, we are bringing on a few designated Youtube channels to help entertain our fans. We are currently in partnership with two channels, Da Hooliganz and Indie Life. Indie Life is a channel dedicated to the wonderful world of Indie developed games. It's a work in progress. The main reason for this post is the launch of Da Hooliganz Season 2. Da Hooliganz can be summed up by the following three words: Hardcore, Informative, and Honest. Ladies and Gents, Da Hooliganz Season 2 Episode 1 Part 1 :

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