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Bionix_01 avatar 12:35 AM on 05.23.2013  (server time)
Xbox One thanks Im thinking going all Steam

I have been looking at the news regarding the Xbox one for the past few days and I think now I can say how I feel barring any amazing announcements at E3. I was initially extremely excited and would pay anything right after watching the live reveal. Then the news started to trickle out slowly regarding the One. (Xbox not Neo)

Now, I can say I don't think this is something I can support. The biggest piece of news to make me feel this way is not the used game issue, I buy 95% of games I play, but the issue of constantly verifying I'm not a pirate. This feels to me like all my physical media will now be traversing into that digital space where maybe what you buy isn't really yours much like this article regarding comic books.

Now, I have always preferred physical to digital just because it is absolutely without a doubt mine and I can do what I want with what I have paid for. I have purchased digital titles on xbox arcade and that is the next point that makes this so worrisome from a console. They have said NO digital games purchases will carry to ONE so....your saying I have spent hard earned money buying this from MSOFT and it will cease to belong to me the moment my 360 dies? No thank you.

The last point I would like to address is how MSoft can win me back, and that is to truly become what many post and sites I have seen are saying to try to soften this blow for us angry about this. They say is it that shocking and that big of a deal because that is what steam does? The answer is yes it is and the reason is the following. I just began using Steam two years ago and it has changed my mind completely about digital when it comes to STEAM. Why? It is because I have had Steam a shorter amount of time that all my systems from my handhelds (PSP/3ds) to my consoles (PS3/360/WiiU) and yet my Steam collection rivals that of my physical collection.

Is that crazy? How can Steam change my attitude? Steam feels.....trustworthy and fair I guess is what my answer comes down to. I don't feel like I'll lose my steam games when I need to upgrade my graphics card like I will lose games with MSoft and have lost. (when they have lost rights to certain games and remove them from the arcade so I cant re-download.) Steam also gives me a real incentive to go digital and that is that I can buy AAA games at about half the price as buying on a console.

If MSoft announces all games are now 30-40 dollars then I think I would be willing to consider this again but if not...I mean do I really need to think about whether I want to give up my physical ownership rights at full price or a discount.

This is the first time I have ever written something like this at length but that news really got to me. All those games lost the moment my 360 is no more. Cant Stand it.

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