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Binary Chode says:

Binary Chode Episode 008 - Dr. Table's Advice Column

// Submitted @ 9:19 PM on 08.13.2013

Binary Chode: Episode 8

There are several moments in this show where we gasp and than shake our heads in horror. Levi fields questions about both his ethnicity and religion, Clint assumes the worst thought about what his cohosts want to do with his kids, Jon sounds like a muppet drag queen from the 1960s, and Conor is (very) thankful that we donít have sponsors. You all have guest host Used Table (itís how Associated Press spells his name) to thank for that. †

Also, if you think thereís a better fit for what personality/mental disorder everyone has (Table included), let us know in the comments, on Twitter, Facebook, or carrier pigeon. And give us more questions, while youíre at it.

The opening theme is Cashflow by Beardfish. The closing theme is bitterfly by etc. Give them a listen if you like what you hear.


A Murder Most Foul†(Wired)
Wikipedia's Personality Disorders
Wikipedia's Mental Disorders
The Google Burger†(ABC News)
Meat Glue†(KATU)
The Ostrich Flies In Daytime†(HuffPo)
Snuffy the Seal

And ask Table for his curated trio of images. He'll gladly give them to you. But he'll also take something from you. Something that you will sorely miss and will never get back.

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Binary Chode

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