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Bill Zoeker avatar 4:54 PM on 04.18.2011  (server time)
Destructoid On JTV Round-Up: What You May Have Missed This Week

You know how Destructoid is the best thing ever? Well, our channel on Justin TV is better than television... and possibly Jesus. It's hard to capture what it is exactly that makes the channel so great. You kind of have to be there. (The hosts of live shows pride themselves on viewer interaction, Dtoid being a community-centric site and all.) I've got the next best thing. I've compiled some highlights of the insanity that takes place on Destructoid on JTV. At the peak of this insanity is Jon Carnage, co-creator of Public Access Destructoid and The Most Trusted Man In Gaming. But, sometimes something happens that is so insane, so devastating, that it gives even Jon Carnage pause. Something like that happened last week on MASH TacticS, and it's right here for your convenient viewing...

MASHTacticS: Epicpower Garbage Shoot of 2011

Watch live video from zoeker on
Jared Epicpower of TapMe Games came by to hang out with Jon and Pico on Mash Tactics. He brought with him what he thought would be a neat little party popper. The gang decided that they would celebrate when they gained another 10 channel followers. Cue the music, flicker the lights, and get ready for the bang...

Most of our programming is available to watch in the archive. But here is a sampling of outstanding moments. Oh, and these are only from the last week.

Meatwad Calls In To MASH TacticS

Jon and Pico were taking callers on Skype, as the occasionally do, and one of the viewers by the name of Awdamn claimed to be good at imitating cartoon voices. We were all amazed at how true this was. Listen as Awdamn and I, the other voice on Skype, turn the tables and entertain Jon and Pico. All set to a backdrop of Frogboss beating the holy hell out of Pico in WWE Allstars.

Saturday Morning Hangover: The Plant Gets Impossibly Loopy

On this episode of Saturday Morning Hangover, the crew are celebrating the birthday of Destructoid editor Jordan Devore(the one that definitely does NOT look like Seth Rogen). Jordan, fellow editor Conrad Zimmerman, and Conrad's lady friend, Katrina, are celebrating with Mimosas. Though Katrina claims she never drinks before noon, there really is no explanation for how "loopy" she gets after only half a drink.

Backlog: Ramses Is A Masochist

If you've ever seen Backlog, you're probably familiar with Conrad's cat, Ramses. Ramses has become a sort of co-host, but refuses to settle for second-banana, often getting his own camera. On this occasion, we get a full-screen view of Ramses doing cat things... like being kind of dumb, but horribly adorable.

Ryu89 Gives Golf Tips On 321GoCast Live

On 321GoCast Live, Johnny Viral is understandably upset when he finds out that cast member Ryu89 is late... because he is out playing golf. In this clip you'll hear the cast demand that Ryu explains his lifestyle choice. Ryu does just that, in graphic detail. I will never again look at a grandfather clock the way I used to.

Also, Talks Singalong

On Also, Talks this week, we randomly decided to call someone onto the show. We called Tactix, because he's kind of a show whore, but that's why we love him. Recently, Tactix has taken to singing/playing guitar on air. I suggested we sing a song together. The episode's guest, Awdamn, chimes in with his patented Meatwad voice. I learned that syncing up singing voices over Skype doesn't really work so well.

That is just a small selection out of the 36 hours+ of weekly programming on Destructoid's channel on JTV. Check us out when you have the time. Half the fun is being in the chat. I'm including the channel's weekly schedule, so you have no excuses.

M-F: 4-8PST-Mash Tactics

Saturday: 10am-NoonPST-Saturday Morning Hangover

Sunday: 2-4PST-321GoCast Live
4-6PST-Also, Talks

This week, however, is special. Conrad will be broadcasting Backlog at 4PST all week, except Tuesday. From noon Tuesday to noon Wednesday, MASH TacticS will be streaming from High Voltage Studios for the release of Conduit 2!

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