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Bill Zoeker avatar 6:45 PM on 03.19.2011  (server time)
Destructoid Live! Is A Thing You Should Be Watching (Now With More Zoeker)

As many of you know, Destructoid has a live stream channel on Justin.Tv . The channel has been growing like a freakish lab experiment gone horribly right since October of 2010. At the moment of writing this, the channel has over 4,700 followers, and over 17.5 MILLION views! We even have our own sub-community of people who frequent the channel known as the Destructoid Chill Bros, with 340 people in our Facebook group! Dtoid's live channel has become pretty notorious around Justin Tv itself.

We've got faces as emoticons in JTV chat!

With all this radical success, it strikes me that maybe a lot of Dtoiders still aren't watching the channel, or if they are watching, not participating in the chat. The purpose of this post is to drop some science on y'all as to why you should be getting in on this very awesome, very Destructoid madness. These are the shows our amazing channel has to offer:

MASH TacticS

MASH TacticS is the the biggest and brightest show on the Destructoid Live channel. Hosted by Destructoid contributors Jon Carnage and Pico Mause, MT broadcasts every weekday from 4-8PM Pacific Standard Time. This show is a god damn meme factory. You can't match the energy of Carnage, and the quipping of Pico. You seriously don't want to miss a single day of this show, because you will be missing some memorable comedy gold. Not to mention all the different kinds of guests they have on the show: anyone from "motivational guru" Paul Crik to Deadly Premonition creator SWERY65. Still not enough to entice you? They also give away swag to viewers all the damn time!


Destructoid editor Conrad Zimmerman created Backlog as an excuse to take time out of his busy schedule to tear through the catalog of games he has yet to play. It quickly became a show about cats, off-screen women, and bitchin' mustaches! Backlog showcases games that may have been passed over by some in this mile-a-minute hobby that is playing video games. As the viewers, we get to see these games without actually having to acquire them, whilst interacting with Conrad and witnessing him say hilarious and sometimes off-beat things... or talk about fiscal conservatism. Oh, also, things like this happen sometimes! Backlog airs every weeknight at 8PM Pacific Standard Time, right after MASH TacticS.

Saturday Morning Hangover

This is Conrad's other show, because he can't stop making love to that camera. On Hangover, Conrad is joined by his lady friend/humanoid plant Katrina, as well as fellow Destructoid editor Jordan Devore. Get up early and watch them shake off the night before while plowing through all sorts of games every Saturday at 10AM Pacific Standard Time.

321GoCast Live!

Hopefully all of you know what 321GoCast is. Just in case you're failing: 321Go is a Destructoid community podcast in which Tactix, Ryu89, Johnny Viral, Analoge and various others muck about and listlessly trot out internet memes. They've been experimenting with live-streaming their recording sessions (but DON'T MENTION THE STREAM) and they have just been added to the Destructoid channel! Join them for their Destructoid Live! debut tomorrow at 2PM Pacific Standard Time.

Also, Talks

Now this is where it gets good. I, Bill Zoeker, have a new show on the Dtoid Live channel myself. The tentatively titled "Also, Talks" features my co-host Johnny Luchador and I talking with the Dtoiders and Chill Bros alike. Think of it like a live internet radio show. The goal of my show is to get to know Destructoid's more prominent community members, and to bring more Dtoiders into the Live channel fold. You might be wondering who I am exactly. I've been watching MASH TacticS since their infamous Kung Fu Live! show around Christmas of last year, and since then I have become extremely active in our sub-community. I act as moderator on Destructoid's channel chat, as well as assist MASH in their goings-on. But, most importantly, I am just a Dtoider like any of you. My first regularly scheduled show will be tomorrow after 321GoCast Live with their very own Tactix. Come watch as we have a laugh with Destructoid's West Coast Community Manager/Master of the Seductive Arts. Also, if anyone reading this would like to be on the show at some point, send an email with your request and a link to your C-Blog, or whatever it is you've been up to, to [email protected] !

I hope to start seeing a lot more new yet familiar screen names around Justin.Tv/Destructoid !

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