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Once again, I bring you a selection of moments from Destructoid's live-stream channel. This time, the focus is on MASH TacticS. Mash Tactics airs over 20 hours a week, and every moment is packed with entertainment, but some moments are just historic. By 'historic' I mean you have never seen somebody do that thing we just saw.

One such glimmering moment of internet history is when Jon Carnage had an epic battle to celebrate the daily goal of followers being met. That battle... was with a sock monkey.

Not to be outdone in lulz, Pico puts an 'unorthadox' spin on cooperative gameplay in Portal 2.

At the end of a week with an unusual influx of troll viewers, Carnage employs an anti-trolling tactic that may never have occurred to the rest of us.

All of Destructoid's past broadcasts are available to view here. But these recaps should be a more regular thing from now on. Be sure to check out the channel, where we have 38+ hours of programming every week at

We are always looking for new content! If you would be interested in broadcasting a program on Destructoid's channel, please email me at or Pico Mause at !

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