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Bill Zoeker X avatar 3:34 PM on 05.20.2011  (server time)
Dtoid on JTV: 6K Followers Special Stream

This past Sunday(5/15/2011), MASH TacticS held a special 6 hour streaming event in honor of Destructoid's live channel breaching 6 thousand followers! Dr. Jesse "Tactix" Cortez and his brother Jesus joined Jon Carnage and Pico Mause in the Mash Tactics studio to celebrate with some Def Jam Rapstar and Rock Band. Tactix also ran a special stream-only edition of 321GoCast from the studio, with special guest... me! It was all capped-off with an overtime dose of Also, Talks.

All of our live shows are archived here, but I've assembled a few highlights for your viewing convenience. See the ones that didn't make the cut on my YouTube channel.

As Pico returns from giving their cat, Kipper, a bath, it gives Carnage more than enough lyrical inspiration while rapping over Get Low:

The whole gang comes together to sing Maps by The Yeah Yeah Yeah's, but the put an entirely Dtoid spin on the hit:

What karaoke experience would be complete without Bohemian Rapshody?

Regular listeners of 321GoCast are familiar with Mama Viral Updates, wherein show boss Johnny Viral tells us an anecdote about his lovely mother. Well, JohnnyV happened to be broadcasting from his family home during the special, so this happened:

Speaking of JohnnyV, it turns out he doesn't handle creepy things very well. I'm not sure how this happened, but the Jtv community as a whole managed to do something Viral's close friends could not. Johnny still curses this moment today:

Speaking of followers, the count at the time of writing this post is 6,265. Our view count is at 25.4 million. Destructoid is called "the fastest growing channel on Jtv" for a reason. Come see for yourself with any of the 38+ hours of programming we have every week.

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