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ChillyBilly avatar 6:39 PM on 12.06.2011  (server time)
Tales From The Battlefield: Operation Rolling Hell

Operation Rolling Hell

November 30, 2011

Caspian Border – Northern Iranian Coast near the Caspian Sea

“For a few brief moments, we were the war, and the war was us” – Sergeant 3rd Star Jon Bloodspray

Operation Rolling Hell took place on the 30th of November, 2011. First Sergeant Andy Dixon, Sergeant 3rd Star Jon Bloodspray and Chief Warrant Officer ChillyBilly belonged to Hotel Company, 1337. Hotel Company was to be part of a larger squad sent in to protect valuable assets (M-COMM Station A and M-COMM Station B) which were invaluable to the United States Military Intelligence.

The Caspian Border had been home to many battles over the years, being located at the Northern Coast of the Iranian Sea; it was a strategic point for the U.S. Navy. The base of operations was surrounded by the Alborz Mountains, which meant an assault by opposing forces would have to come through a narrow roadway which led directly through the border check point put in place by the United States Military.

On the morning of November 30th, 2011 First Sergeant Andy Dixon, Sergeant 3rd Star Jon Bloodspray and Chief Warrant Officer ChillyBilly were assigned to watch over M-COMM Station A and B which were located directly behind the Caspian Border checkpoint. All seemed business as usual until 09:30 AM when a Russian single seat Su-35BM Flanker-E was spotted flying overhead. First Sergeant Andy Dixon was the first to notice the Russian Jet and radioed headquarters as to its presence.

At exactly 09:40 AM, ten minutes after the Su-35BM had been spotted; two T-90 Battle Tanks were seen flanking the checkpoint on the left hand side, before any soldiers could cover the left flank, shells from the T-90 tanks started pounding the building which housed M-COMM station A. Sergeant Bloodspray immediately headed towards M-COMM A and mounted the BGM-71 TOW which was strategically placed just one building to the front of where M-COMM station A was housed. Sergeant Bloodspray unloaded several missiles on to one of the T-90’s rendering it inoperable and eventually destroying it completely.

Officer ChillyBilly however had a different idea on how to handle the second tank, which was also advancing on M-COMM A. Officer ChillyBilly, ran along the back wall behind M-COMM A and crawled his way to a clearing just behind the enemy T-90. After carefully approaching the tank the unseen Officer placed three C-4 charges on the backside of the enemy tank and ran towards cover. Once in the clear Officer ChillyBilly depressed the C-4 plunger and destroyed the last remaining Russian tank, killing all the soldiers inside.

At approximately 10:15AM Sergeant Andy Dixon was seen jumping inside of an M 1A2 Abrams tank. Sergeant Dixon then proceeded to roll towards the main checkpoint where two VDV Buggies filled with Russian soldiers were heading. After a couple of close misses Sergeant Dixon landed a devastating blow to one of the VDV Buggies, destroying the vehicle and killing everyone aboard. Unfortunately one buggy was able to avoid contact and flanked right towards M-COMM Station B.

Despite several attempts, no U.S. Soldiers were able to disarm the explosive device which the Russian army was able to attach to M-COMM B and after a few moments of tense fighting the M-COMM Station was destroyed. All eyes were now turned on M-COMM Station A, as any attempt to arm would need to be met with aggressive fire.

Sergeant Dixon, still manning the M 1A2 Abrams headed towards M-COMM A to provide backup support. While making his way through the debris and rubble Sergeant Dixon was alerted to the SU-35BM which had locked on to his tank. Quickly, Sergeant Dixon escaped from the M 1A2 Abrams and narrowly escaped before the Russian jet launched a missile which completely destroyed the vehicle.  
After several minutes of heavy gunfire and after numerous losses on both sides, the enemy forces planted a charge on M-COMM A and eventually destroyed it, forcing the U.S. Soldiers to retreat to the second pair of M-COMM Stations, located in a small outpost surrounded by hilly terrain and dense trees.

After losing control of the first pair of M-COMM stations, First Sergeant Mr. Andy Dixon, Sergeant 3rd Star Jon Bloodspray and Chief Warrant Officer ChillyBilly made a hasty retreat to the rally point. Luckily for Hotel Company the second M-COMM base was not only surrounded by rough terrain it was also surrounded by several derelict buildings, perfect for ambushes as well as cover in the event that fighting became too much for the trio and their fellow soldiers to handle.  Fearing that the advancing Russian forces would soon overtake the rally point, Sergeants Dixon and Bloodspray along with Officer ChillyBilly made a daring, tactical decision that not only took their squad by surprise but completely baffled enemy troops.

Hidden behind cover was an M 1A2 Abrams Tank which was quickly requisitioned by Hotel Company. Not wanting to give their position away the trio sat in the tank and awaited the arrival of the enemy team. At roughly 11:35 AM the enemy forces arrived at the second command post. Advancing slowly they took their time trying to locate the M-COMM Stations. Before the Russian army was able to locate the M-COMM Stations “Operation Rolling Hell” finally took effect.

The tank that housed the three brave soldiers charged in to battle, unleashing what can only be described as “firepower from the devil himself” on the ill prepared enemy force. Buildings, abandoned cars and large gas containers exploded in a violent rage of burning hellfire as the M 1A2 Abrams spit out round after round. With Warrant Officer ChillyBilly at the wheel and Sergeants Dixon and Bloodspray manning the 120 mm L44 smoothbore cannon and M240 Co-axial Machine Gun respectively, Hotel was able to control the base completely by themselves for several minutes before reinforcements from the advancing Russian forces arrived.

The Russian forces made one last attempt to take both M-COMM Stations, the enemy troops pushed hard from the left flank, via the mountainside and thick tree line. With so many enemy soldiers advancing at once, Hotel Company had no choice but to leave the M 1A2 tank due to heavy RPG fire. Not wanting to leave themselves exposed to enemy gun fire, Hotel quickly ran for an abandoned building adjacent to M-COMM Station B where they mounted one of the fiercest defenses of the entire war. After what can only be described as a gunfight akin to the famous “Gunfight at the O.K. Corral” Hotel Company held off the advancing Russian army and saving M-COMM B.

With M-COMM A being safely protected by Foxtrot and Delta Companies, the skirmish at Caspian Border finally came to an end, albeit bloody and with heavy casualties. Sergeants Dixon and Bloodspray along with Officer ChillyBilly were awarded several medals and ribbons for their bravery that day and stories of their victory quickly spread throughout the ranks, boosting moral for the other soldiers fighting their own wars elsewhere.

When asked about the battle Sergeant Bloodspray only had this to say “For a few brief moments, we were the war, and the war was us”. No one in Hotel Company could imagine how true those words would ring, as the three set off on their next adventure in hopes of ending the long and drawn out war once and for all.

Hotel Company 1337

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