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ChillyBilly avatar 8:44 PM on 04.02.2012  (server time)
10 Things About Me - ChillyBilly

Yep, that's me.

I love these "10 things" posts, maybe this will turn in to like, an annual thing or something.

As like the others before me this blog will be a list of things (10 to be exact) that have to do with me, hopefully they will be both informative and interesting.

On with the show!

10. I'm 38 years old and I still skateboard.

Now, here's the thing. I'm a realist, I know what my body can and can't do. You won't see me on any half-pipes, dropping in on a foot of vert, those days are long, long gone. What you will see though is a fella pushing 40 cruising around the neighborhood on his skateboard, at peace with himself and totally in the moment.

My foot, my board.

Seriously, I've been skating since I was 12, it's a passion, it's my "thing", it's my "like riding a bike", something that I will do until I am unable to and something that I will never feel foreign with. True story; when I was a teen a few buddies and myself built a ditch ramp (mini half-pipe) in the woods behind my house, for a little over a year that ramp was the underground ramp that you HAD to skate if you were from the Central Florida area. We had amateurs, posers and pros skating that ramp, it will always be one of my favorite memories.

9. I am a huge Cure fanatic

Or as I like to call myself, a Figurehead (because I reject the "Curehead" label). I have everything that they have ever recorded, from LP's to mini discs, to CD's, VHS, DVD and BLu-Rays. I have seen The Cure six times live, which may not seem like a lot, until you realize that they hardly ever come over here to the States. My favorite album of all time is Disintegration, it also happens to be, in my humble opinion, one of the greatest albums ever made. It is absolutely perfect from the opening instrumentals to the finishing note.

8. I have been legally dead.

Here's another true story, one that I am more than proud to claim.

When I was a teen I worked alongside my father doing construction (family business), we were building a hotel for a golf course in Michigan, the weather was miserable, cold and rainy. All week it rained but since we had enough of the roofing and siding done we could work indoors, now we weren't far enough along to where no water couldn't get in, we were still working on concrete, as none of the interior stuff had been started yet. At the end of every day it was my job to roll up all of the extension cords, this was obviously because I was a glorified gopher (go for this, go for that) and I had to do all the shit work.

Long story short, one of the extension cords I was rolling up was sitting in a puddle of water, it also had a pretty nasty cut in to it which was exposing the inner workings. I'm pretty sure you can see where this is going. I grabbed the cord and then woke up in the hospital, hands, arms and part of my back burnt.

It wasn't until a few days later that I was told I flat lined and had to be resuscitated. Pretty neat huh.

7. Adam West picked me up and placed me in to the drivers seat of the original Batmobile.

This happened back in the 80's when we still lived in Detroit. Every year there was a huge auto show in Detroit at the Pontiac Silverdome that my dad would take me to. It had everything, tanks, concept cars, motorcycles, psuedo-famous people, and the creme of the crop, Monster Trucks!

During one of our last visits before we moved to Orlando the original Batmobile from the 60's Batman show was on display, Adam West was there signing autographs, I don't remember exactly why he put me in the car, but I do remember him picking me up and placing me in the drivers seat, I had a picture somewhere of me sitting in the seat with him kneeling outside but I haven't seen it in years. I would love to find that photo.

6. I caught a five foot long shark off the coast of Cocoa Beach.

One of the advantages of living in Florida, as well as having a dad obsessed with fishing, is that you have plenty of opportunities to catch fish. For a while we had a 24 foot Bayliner boat that we would take out of Port Canaveral (near Coca Beach). My dad used to shadow the tourist fishing boats because they would chum the water, meaning that all we had to do was throw out our lines and wait for the chum to take effect. We caught plenty of fish, Blues, Snappers, Amberjacks and yes, sharks.

Not gonna lie here, my dad hooked the shark, he got it on the line and he started fighting it, he DID however hand me the line after about five minutes so that I could bring in whatever the hell was at the end of it. Turns out it was a five foot Hammerhead. Took me well over an hour to bring in and eventually my dad had to step in to gaff him and get him aboard. It was a very proud moment for me, one because I caught a big ass fish and two because I could tell how proud of me my dad was.

5. I had a piece of metal lodged in my eye.

One thing about working construction, there's never a dull moment. I'll keep this one short, was working construction with my dad, cutting metal studs without safety glasses (cause I was a teenager and invincible), something "hit" my face, later in the day I couldn't stop rubbing my right eye. Later that night my dad took me to the emergency room, turns out I had a piece of metal embedded in my eye. Three layers of eye skin and one syringe later it was out.

I now have a noticeable black dot in my eye from where the metal was. Neat.

4. I'm a huge comic book nerd.

I've been reading and collecting comic books since before I can remember. Nowadays most of the stuff I read is all digital because it's just easier for me. My favorite titles are anything Batman, Groo the Wanderer, Usagi Yojimbo and Cerberus the Aardvark.

3. I collect more games than I actually play.

Most of you probably know this by now, I love to collect video games. I also love to play videogames. These days however my love for video gaming has turned more in to collecting than actual playing. For every one new game I play I "collect" 10 more.

As of this blog my collection stands at 1283 games, 34 handhelds and 31 consoles. Out of that 1283 I guarantee that I haven't played anywhere near half. It's become a sort of obsession, if I see a deal or a game that belongs to a series that I like or want I have to buy it. I actually have to purposefully go out of my way to avoid thrift stores, used CD stores etc because I know that I have a hard time controlling myself.

2. I'm a stay at home dad.

I bet you're wondering, how the hell can a stay at home dad afford to buy games all the time? Well, truth is I have a steady flow of income coming in. I don't have set hours, I don't have a boss. I work when and if I want. My fiancee teaches at a college here in Chicago and I take care of our daughter.

I don't think I could ever go back to a 9-5 job again, although sometimes I miss the structure of it all.

1. I love the Destructoid community.

Ask any Dtoider, who "knows" me, how much I love this community and I bet they will all say the same thing; "a lot!". If there's someone in need, I'll help out. If someone on staff needs someone to do the shit grunt work, I help out.

On my 3DS spotpass, when someone get's my Mii the message is "". I absolutely love this site and I love this community. I know that I can and have been vocal before, in a not so positive light, but it's only because I want to see this community continue to grow and flourish.

Destructoid was my first online community and it will be my last. The friends that I have made here will stay with me forever, even if our friendships fade.

So anway, that's me in ten bullet points. I want to thank Bbain for getting this going with his "10 things" blog, I absolutely love reading all of these.

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