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1:54 PM on 06.26.2011

Jonathan Holmes to Appear on Also, Talks Today!

If you're not familiar with Also, Talks, it is a live Destructoid community talk show on Dtoid's official live-stream channel. My cohost, Johnny Luchador, and I speak with members of the Destructoid community from all its branches. Our guest pool has gotten a little stale lately, but we've gotten ourselves back on track with a vengeance by booking the much loved Jonathan Holmes. As much as this is a promo for the show, it is also a PSA. At 4PT/7Eastern, you are all welcomed to watch us chat with Silky Wilkins himself, but even better, you have the chance to ask him anything you like in the live chat. (Remember to keep it classy, and not to use excessive capital letters, despite your excitement.)

While I'm here, if any of you reading would like to be a guest on Also, Talks, you can send an email saying who you are on Dtoid and what you do(be it C-Blogs, forum crawling, IRC fish-slapping, etc.) to [email protected] In addition, if you are interested in being a part of Dtoid's booming live channel, you can email me at [email protected] or Pico Mause at [email protected] The channel features community programming alongside its staff shows, and we're always looking for more content.   read

4:58 PM on 06.02.2011

Dtoid on JTV: MASH TacticS - The First Time is Free

Another round of highlights from Destructoid's official live-stream channel! This time I bring you some exceptional moment from the first half of this week's MASH TacticS. We've got shirt rips, clumsy tumbles, and a tale of a harrowing feline addiction. Oh yeah, the channel also broke 26 million views last week. No big deal.

Jon Carnage knows how to work the streets. He demonstrated this on Wednesday by getting Kipper hooked for life, and sending him on a mission...

On Monday, Pico had to step away briefly to tend to an important matter. Lost, lonely, confused, Carnage reacted the only way he knows how...

As you may know by now, Pico and Carnage set a daily goal for new followers obtained. When they reach that goal, something happens. What you see here from Tuesday is definitely a thing that happened.

I try to keep these posts short and sweet. In doing so, sometimes things fall through the cracks. Last week I missed something that's definitely worth showcasing. So I bring you now a celebration of Dtoid's channel breaking 26 million views. (Thanks to Carnage for pointing this out to me)

You can check out all of Destructoid's past broadcasts here. Be sure to check out the channel, where we have 38+ hours of programming every week, and viewer interaction is key.

We are always looking for new content! If you would be interested in broadcasting a program on Destructoid's channel, please email me at [email protected] or Pico Mause at [email protected]!   read

4:36 PM on 05.01.2011

Dtoid on JTV: MASH TacticS 24-Hour Stream With High Voltage Software

24 hours of sleep-deprived hilarity. That's the only way I can describe the recent stream Destructoid's MASH TacticS did with High Voltage Software to celebrate the release of their latest title, Conduit 2. Jon Carnage and Pico Mause were flown out to do this epic stream from High Voltage's very offices in Illinois. Carnage, Pico, High Voltage staff, and Dtoid community alike played Conduit 2 and generally goofed around from noon on April 19th until noon the following day, live on Destructoid's Justin TV channel. As I mentioned, the event was open to the Destructoid community by RSVP. Chill Bros: Sculidrew, Philanthr0py, Falsenipple, and myself were lucky enough to attend and experience the awesomeness first-hand. Awesomeness like that time Carnage and Pico performed a re-interpretation of a scene from Conduit 2...

The Mash Tactics hosts were asked to perform a scene from Conduit 2. Eric Nofsinger, Chief Creative Officer at High Voltage, narrated the scene and gave the actors their cues. Carnage and Pico happened to have some costume pieces with them. The lights were dimmed, and we were all treated to the theatrical wonder that unfolded.

You can watch all of Dtoid's previous broadcasts here, but I've assembled these highlights for your viewing convenience.

For the first time in the history of mankind, a game development company has given a media outlet an award. Eric Nofsinger presents Carnage and Pico with this prestigious award for Destructoid in honor of its achievements in awesomeness

Eric Nofsinger once again tells us how founder, Kerry Ganofsky, came to the name High Voltage for his company. But, you can only tell the same story so many times, so Eric decided to put a little extra flavor on it-- campfire story style.

Eric later continued his series of scary stories. In this harrowing tale, a girl prepares for a date. She wears her best blue dress. But things get sketchy. Could anything save this young girl? Perhaps a quality video game, in stores now?

By now you may be wondering, "What's up with this panda?!" Well, I now present you with the epic lore of the Nightmare Panda. First he was just a happy, playful cub. But like so many innocent things in this world, he was met with aggression.

The Panda then underwent a transformation, and started to show that it was a force to be met with fear. Jon Carnage's very life hangs in the balance at the whim of the Ghost Panda.

As the night went on, the malice that exists in all men's heart festered and fulminated in the Panda. That Panda became a nightmare. The sleeper has awoken. Nightmare Panda attacks. What power in the universe can save us?

As noon was approaching, we all shared a relieved jubilation. We had survived the Nightmare Panda. We had staved off sleep(mostly). We had had an awesome time playing Conduit 2 and hanging out with the viewers. Just when we thought it was the perfect ending to an awesome affair... tragedy struck.

That concludes just a sampling of the best moments of the historic stream. You can see the clips that didn't make the cut on my YouTube channel. For best results, don't miss a moment of the 40+ hours of weekly programming on Destructoid on JTV.   read

4:54 PM on 04.18.2011

Destructoid On JTV Round-Up: What You May Have Missed This Week

You know how Destructoid is the best thing ever? Well, our channel on Justin TV is better than television... and possibly Jesus. It's hard to capture what it is exactly that makes the channel so great. You kind of have to be there. (The hosts of live shows pride themselves on viewer interaction, Dtoid being a community-centric site and all.) I've got the next best thing. I've compiled some highlights of the insanity that takes place on Destructoid on JTV. At the peak of this insanity is Jon Carnage, co-creator of Public Access Destructoid and The Most Trusted Man In Gaming. But, sometimes something happens that is so insane, so devastating, that it gives even Jon Carnage pause. Something like that happened last week on MASH TacticS, and it's right here for your convenient viewing...

MASHTacticS: Epicpower Garbage Shoot of 2011
Jared Epicpower of TapMe Games came by to hang out with Jon and Pico on Mash Tactics. He brought with him what he thought would be a neat little party popper. The gang decided that they would celebrate when they gained another 10 channel followers. Cue the music, flicker the lights, and get ready for the bang...

Most of our programming is available to watch in the archive. But here is a sampling of outstanding moments. Oh, and these are only from the last week.

Meatwad Calls In To MASH TacticS
Jon and Pico were taking callers on Skype, as the occasionally do, and one of the viewers by the name of Awdamn claimed to be good at imitating cartoon voices. We were all amazed at how true this was. Listen as Awdamn and I, the other voice on Skype, turn the tables and entertain Jon and Pico. All set to a backdrop of Frogboss beating the holy hell out of Pico in WWE Allstars.

Saturday Morning Hangover: The Plant Gets Impossibly Loopy
On this episode of Saturday Morning Hangover, the crew are celebrating the birthday of Destructoid editor Jordan Devore(the one that definitely does NOT look like Seth Rogen). Jordan, fellow editor Conrad Zimmerman, and Conrad's lady friend, Katrina, are celebrating with Mimosas. Though Katrina claims she never drinks before noon, there really is no explanation for how "loopy" she gets after only half a drink.

Backlog: Ramses Is A Masochist
If you've ever seen Backlog, you're probably familiar with Conrad's cat, Ramses. Ramses has become a sort of co-host, but refuses to settle for second-banana, often getting his own camera. On this occasion, we get a full-screen view of Ramses doing cat things... like being kind of dumb, but horribly adorable.

Ryu89 Gives Golf Tips On 321GoCast Live
On 321GoCast Live, Johnny Viral is understandably upset when he finds out that cast member Ryu89 is late... because he is out playing golf. In this clip you'll hear the cast demand that Ryu explains his lifestyle choice. Ryu does just that, in graphic detail. I will never again look at a grandfather clock the way I used to.

Also, Talks Singalong
On Also, Talks this week, we randomly decided to call someone onto the show. We called Tactix, because he's kind of a show whore, but that's why we love him. Recently, Tactix has taken to singing/playing guitar on air. I suggested we sing a song together. The episode's guest, Awdamn, chimes in with his patented Meatwad voice. I learned that syncing up singing voices over Skype doesn't really work so well.

That is just a small selection out of the 36 hours+ of weekly programming on Destructoid's channel on JTV. Check us out when you have the time. Half the fun is being in the chat. I'm including the channel's weekly schedule, so you have no excuses.

M-F: 4-8PST-Mash Tactics

Saturday: 10am-NoonPST-Saturday Morning Hangover

Sunday: 2-4PST-321GoCast Live
4-6PST-Also, Talks

This week, however, is special. Conrad will be broadcasting Backlog at 4PST all week, except Tuesday. From noon Tuesday to noon Wednesday, MASH TacticS will be streaming from High Voltage Studios for the release of Conduit 2!   read

10:59 PM on 04.14.2011

Spontaneous 3DS Giveaway On Justin.TV/Destructoid

Some of you may already be aware that our glorious patriarch, Niero, has been dangling a free 3DS to be given to a lucky one of the thousands of followers of Destructoid's live channel. The winner was drawn and.... after being contacted numerous times, he did not respond to claim his prize.
Therefore it has been ruled that a new winner will be chosen.

How exactly will a winner be chosen? Well, it has been a feeling around the community that the person who wins the 3DS should be a frequent/active member of the Destructoid/JTV community. So, for this second chance drawing, the aim will be focused on the hardcores. Some time between now and the regular air time of Mash Tactics tomorrow, 4pm PST, Jon Carnage and Pico Mause will go live and hold a swift contest to fairly determine the winner. The contest format will be announced only when the broadcast goes live.

Your best bet to catch this chance to win a free 3DS of your very own is to sign up on Justin.TV and follow Dtoid's live channel. Go to your settings and make sure you will be notified by email when Destructoid goes live. Then just keep your eye trained on that email.

Some of you may be saying "WTF?! So I gotta stay up all night?" or "But I have to work tomorrow. This is bullshit!". Consider the fact that if the first winner had claimed his prize, nobody would have any chance of winning now. So chill, bro.

The best of luck to all of you, but mostly to me (I want it too!).

EDIT: 4/15/2011 - 5:40: The contest was held and long-time Destructoid Live viewer Bluuuuuuu was chosen as the winner! The contest was to submit a number guess between 1-1,000. The correct answer was 297. Bluuuuuuu won with the amazingly close guess of 300! Gratz, Bluuuuuuu!   read

6:45 PM on 03.19.2011

Destructoid Live! Is A Thing You Should Be Watching (Now With More Zoeker)

As many of you know, Destructoid has a live stream channel on Justin.Tv . The channel has been growing like a freakish lab experiment gone horribly right since October of 2010. At the moment of writing this, the channel has over 4,700 followers, and over 17.5 MILLION views! We even have our own sub-community of people who frequent the channel known as the Destructoid Chill Bros, with 340 people in our Facebook group! Dtoid's live channel has become pretty notorious around Justin Tv itself.

We've got faces as emoticons in JTV chat!

With all this radical success, it strikes me that maybe a lot of Dtoiders still aren't watching the channel, or if they are watching, not participating in the chat. The purpose of this post is to drop some science on y'all as to why you should be getting in on this very awesome, very Destructoid madness. These are the shows our amazing channel has to offer:

MASH TacticS

MASH TacticS is the the biggest and brightest show on the Destructoid Live channel. Hosted by Destructoid contributors Jon Carnage and Pico Mause, MT broadcasts every weekday from 4-8PM Pacific Standard Time. This show is a god damn meme factory. You can't match the energy of Carnage, and the quipping of Pico. You seriously don't want to miss a single day of this show, because you will be missing some memorable comedy gold. Not to mention all the different kinds of guests they have on the show: anyone from "motivational guru" Paul Crik to Deadly Premonition creator SWERY65. Still not enough to entice you? They also give away swag to viewers all the damn time!


Destructoid editor Conrad Zimmerman created Backlog as an excuse to take time out of his busy schedule to tear through the catalog of games he has yet to play. It quickly became a show about cats, off-screen women, and bitchin' mustaches! Backlog showcases games that may have been passed over by some in this mile-a-minute hobby that is playing video games. As the viewers, we get to see these games without actually having to acquire them, whilst interacting with Conrad and witnessing him say hilarious and sometimes off-beat things... or talk about fiscal conservatism. Oh, also, things like this happen sometimes! Backlog airs every weeknight at 8PM Pacific Standard Time, right after MASH TacticS.

Saturday Morning Hangover

This is Conrad's other show, because he can't stop making love to that camera. On Hangover, Conrad is joined by his lady friend/humanoid plant Katrina, as well as fellow Destructoid editor Jordan Devore. Get up early and watch them shake off the night before while plowing through all sorts of games every Saturday at 10AM Pacific Standard Time.

321GoCast Live!

Hopefully all of you know what 321GoCast is. Just in case you're failing: 321Go is a Destructoid community podcast in which Tactix, Ryu89, Johnny Viral, Analoge and various others muck about and listlessly trot out internet memes. They've been experimenting with live-streaming their recording sessions (but DON'T MENTION THE STREAM) and they have just been added to the Destructoid channel! Join them for their Destructoid Live! debut tomorrow at 2PM Pacific Standard Time.

Also, Talks

Now this is where it gets good. I, Bill Zoeker, have a new show on the Dtoid Live channel myself. The tentatively titled "Also, Talks" features my co-host Johnny Luchador and I talking with the Dtoiders and Chill Bros alike. Think of it like a live internet radio show. The goal of my show is to get to know Destructoid's more prominent community members, and to bring more Dtoiders into the Live channel fold. You might be wondering who I am exactly. I've been watching MASH TacticS since their infamous Kung Fu Live! show around Christmas of last year, and since then I have become extremely active in our sub-community. I act as moderator on Destructoid's channel chat, as well as assist MASH in their goings-on. But, most importantly, I am just a Dtoider like any of you. My first regularly scheduled show will be tomorrow after 321GoCast Live with their very own Tactix. Come watch as we have a laugh with Destructoid's West Coast Community Manager/Master of the Seductive Arts. Also, if anyone reading this would like to be on the show at some point, send an email with your request and a link to your C-Blog, or whatever it is you've been up to, to [email protected] !

I hope to start seeing a lot more new yet familiar screen names around Justin.Tv/Destructoid !   read

2:38 PM on 12.31.2010

Substitute Parties for Chillin' with some Bros!

So, it's New Year's Eve and I find myself without money, and having to work until at least 11PM CST. I had planned on just playing some Raskulls and drinking wine.But, as it turns out, a couple of Bros from the Destructoid Live chat aren't really doing anything either. Idea! We will be rocking some Halo 3 (no dlc maps) tonight, mostly because it's the only multiplayer game we all had in common. Anyone reading this blog, you are invited! We will be starting at appx. Midnight CST (about the time I expect to be home and ready to play). And remember, there's no Dtoid FNF tonight... not really. I realize most of you are going out tonight, so my call is to the stragglers. Jump on, Chill, and ring in the new year with what you love most, Vidja Gaems!

My XBL GT: ProfessorBwains

Ain't no party like a Dtoid party cuz...

[embed]190595:35086[/embed]   read

5:17 AM on 12.24.2010

RE: 3D, Will We Ever Be Convinced?

EDIT: If you just happened to come across this post, it is a response to a post made by Pico Mause. Check it out here:

I once saw Shark Boy and Lava Girl 3D - I spend a lot of time with my nephews. I already wear glasses, so my options were: two pairs of glasses + eye strain; just 3D glasses and blur; or no 3D glasses and an explosion of visual noise. At this point, I think the end goal of 3D tech is an effective emulation of depth, with minimal side-effects. The 3DS is obviously an unexpected leap in the right direction, but who really knows until it's available commonly?

See! Tyler Lautner has always had disproportionately large arms.

But, this fad of 3D is tremendously obnoxious. If it were just that a lot of movies and games were taking advantage of more plentiful 3D resources and interest, I don't think I would mind. However, when I hear about movie being retro-fitted with 3D, having 3D tacked on as a gimmick, or movies being made just so your bro's can see boobs COMIN ATCHA; that is when I get aggravated.

Attack of the Father Issues: 3D!

One perspective that I find interesting, is that for those whom want an effective and reasonable 3D medium, but are annoyed by it's current difficulties, this stage in development could be seen as growing pains. We will never get better, mainstream 3D until we evolve from this awkward stage of expensive fuckware.

This came up in a Google image search for "awkward 3D".

And in response to the suspicion of a Matrix-like simulated world... I saw something on TV which used Moore's law to illustrate how, in relatively little time, a computer could process enough data to seamlessly manipulate the human brain. So, I guess we have until 2015 to make this shit work! Or, you know, live our lives and focus on game content more that presentation...

It was either this or a graph. Deal with it, Internet.   read

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