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Hi, my name's Phil and I'm from Ontario, Canada. I like to game and chill with friends. My XBL Gamertag is BiggyPeezy. Hit me up with a friend request if you want! I'm usually playing NHL10 or Conviction. May 11th and on will be occupied by Skate 3. May 18th Red Dead Redemption!

Skate 3 dropped yesterday in North America, and it looks like it's already having online issues. It seems people can't connect, or when they do it basically kicks them off. Now from my experience, this isn't anything new from an EA game. Skate 3, Bad Company 2, and NHL 10 have all experienced online issues from launch day, until a few days after they fix it. How many times does the consumer have to deal with the inadequate services of EA before they take the hint?

Well, I've got to say, I'm alittle ashamed. I've been a daily reader of D-Toid since 2007, yet only minutes ago did I finally create an account. On the bright side, I joined! Destructoid you keep me in the loop of all my video game news, keep up the fantastic work.

So on that note, I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Phil, and I'm from Ontario, Canada. I like to game and just hang with friends. My gamertag is BiggyPeezy. You'll usually find me playing NHL 10, the Skate 3 Demo, or Splintercell:Conviction. Hit me up with a friend invite or a game invite anytime! :D

On the note of Skate 3, I drew/painted a custom 360 controller faceplate for Skate 3's release, and I am working on the back! Let me know what ya think!