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Bigby avatar 1:16 PM on 03.18.2012  (server time)
nVidia Tegra 3 gaming goodness for Android

nVidia is releasing some new games for their Tegra Zone market available to Android devices and these are optimized to run on their new flagship mobile processor the Tegra 3. As of now the big tablet sporting this little giant piece of silicon is the Asus Transformer Prime and they are delicious.

nVidia is really pushing their new line of processors as well as getting their next Tegra chip ready for production by showcasing a just what the new GPU are capable of. With the iPad 3 grabbing headlines out there its easy to overlook just how much is going on in the Android space. nVidia is certainly not showing any signs of slowing so you can take some comfort in knowing that if you decide to go with an Android device for gaming then the games will be there and they will look fantastic.

I take no credit for the announcing of these games and am providing a link here to Android Police who has a full listing of new games coming out for the nVidia Tegra Zone you can watch.

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