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Bigbear40s's blog

11:19 PM on 09.05.2012

The Man, The Myth, The Legend, BIGBEAR40S

Hello Dtoiders..!!

I go by Bigbear40s but you can just call me Dad.

No seriously or not I am simply Josh, a married 30 year old father. Jax (the complete love of my life) turns 2 TODAY..!!! Without her I would probably still be living at granny's (dont ask) drinking busch by the gallon, and writing about my adventures with Steve. But instead I showered, met a beautiful little ginger, got married, and found out that YES MY DICK WORKS..!!

Gaming for me has been a long and amazing journey. Being a fabulous child of the 80s it all started with Atari. After countless hours of pong and frogger my best friend ever (Santa Claus I was 4) brought me NES on that fateful December morning. After that I got my first PC and spent my time swapping 5 1/4" floppy discs, learning DOS prompt, and chasing down Carmen San Diego. Computer gaming would stop for me there and consoles would rule my life for the next 15 years. It wasn't after my 4th red ring of complete and fucking bullshit death (thanks Microsoft) did I venture back to the PC and once again fall completely in love with W,A,S,D.

My little brother (OGpurps) just happens to be one of the best PvPers in the world. STOP. I am not saying that for any credit or bullshit. He is. If you are anyone in the competitive WoW Arena scene you know who he is. He has been partners with guys who have won Blizzcon and now Shoutcast arena matches. Anyways, my brother, decided to get me hooked on a little game called World of Warcraft. WoW for better or worse hit me like a Honda Civic. I was insanely hooked after about 1 hour and was ready to build my first gaming rig.

Gaming computers are geeks muscles cars. We tinker. We upgrade. We brake them. And we spend WAY too much fucking money on them. For some reason I just cant stop. I have a room in my house that now stays at a comfortable 66 year round. Yes I do run the AC in here during the winter. Even though my entire rig is water cooled it still puts off enough heat to make me play games in my underwear only. Watch my stream its worth the laugh!

So today I pretty much stream every game I play at this point. I dont claim to be the greatest gamer in the world. I just dont have the time I use to. However, I do still love gaming and play pretty much everything that comes out. I am married, I have no social life. So gaming is my social life and I cherish every moment.

Outside of computers and gaming I am a huge freaking sports nut. If its a sport and Vegas puts out a gambling line chances are I am watching it. NBA is king in my house and the only team watched is the Trail Blazers. After that its the Oregon Ducks, and Seattle Seahawks.

So that's me in a nutshell!!


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