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7:49 PM on 06.17.2010

DLC, How Should It Be?

Ok so I was just reading the article about how new fatalities could possibly be distributed with DLC. Personally, I think this is awesome as long as it would be free. Then I thought about how much I would pay for something like that. Then I thought about DLC in general and came to the conclusion.... I don't like it.

The ability to reinvigorate a stale game through downloadables is pretty awesome in my book. I am all for this new way to play games. However, I don't like the method being used at the moment. I mean for one game you could pay something along the lines of 10 dollars for something new through DLC. However you could also spend that amount just for some new weapon skins. I can't think of any game that has actually asked for that crazy amount for something so worthless (well... Oblivion's horse armor comes to mind) but the opportunity is there. Sure it might not sell because not all of us gamers (especially us schooled within the house of Destructoid) are that damn retarded to blow 10 bucks on a weapon skin, but the fact that it can happen if they wanted it to is still there. And this makes me frown! =[

I just feel there should be some sort of consistency among the DLC. Something that keeps developers from charging an arm and a leg for something like a new character model that is much cheaper than say a new awesome map pack containing 10 new maps and 4 new modes of play. Sure, this idea could potentially keep developers from being generous and providing us with awesome DLC that is filled to the brim with goodies at a super cheap or free price. It just depends on how mu supposed rule of consistency would be applied. But even if it came to that, I would much rather pay for something awesome at what it worths than be dicked around with a humongous price for something trivial.

You could argue "if you think it is too expensive then you don't have to buy it!" And that is true, but I am not complaining just for the sake of me. I sold my 360 almost 2 years ago (I know, it is shameful. But hey, I needed money to go to London!) and that was the last time I bought DLC. So I am not bitching just because something recently became available as DLC and I couldn;t afford it so here I am ranting. It is just the fact of being fair. The world isn't a fair place to begin with this I know. I can't really say why DLC should be fair when many things aren't. Whatever the case though, it is only right and most sensible to create some consistency with DLC. Valuing what something is worth by its contents for what it actually is.

Anyways, in closing this topic in which I didn't think I had so much to say to begin with, there should be a better way to distribute DLC. Personally I wouldn't mind the next generation of consoles to include some sort of optional DLC fee within their Online subscriptions. I wouldn't mind paying an extra 5 bucks or so if that meant that whatever DLC became available that month. It is just an idea, and I am sure it has flaws but in my opinion it is something that needs to be looked at. All I can say is that if something like what I just said above happened, I am pretty much sure we would see a drop in useless DLC that was intentionally dropped from games. Developers would stop playing the fool and acting like some of their DLC was only doable after the release of their title and just incorporate it from out of the box (or right of of the download. We are talking about the next generation of consoles now. Who knows, downloadable games might be the new thing.) and just provide us with awesome DLC at a fair price.

I would like to hear you guys ideas on this!   read

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