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BigPopaGamer avatar 8:54 AM on 12.20.2007  (server time)
Casting Call #1: Halo

This is the first post in a series. Now I will be honest here, this list is someone else's but it did give me the inspiration to continue this trend for several other games, which will be coming to you over the next few weeks or days, depending on how inspired I get. Try to imagine what it would be like if someone made these games into movies and they were ACTUALLY GOOD(Sorry Uwe Boll, you're not getting to even watch the trailer). So enjoy this list, the choices on it. If you have someone better suited for the role then by all means share with us. So, without further ado: Casting Call #1: Halo

Christian Bale as Master Chief

Look at him. That face, the golden faceplate reflecting the sun. Yes, it is our beloved alien ass-kicker in the green suit. The great part about this role is that it would require only the actor's voice, as an obvious double would wear the suit and get to do the fun stuff. Still, we are gay for Bale and his role in the new Batman movies has shown he can be dark and serious, which is good since Master Chief is kind of a serious guy himself.

Tricia Helfer as Cortana

I'll be honest, I don't watch Battlestar Galactica. Still, she does look the part and after Googling her, I can say, anatomically speaking, no CGI enhancements will need to be made. So imagine her in a suit similar to Mystique wore in X-men or Seven of Nine did in Star Trek Voyager. Yummy!

Denzel Washington as Sergeant Major Avery Johnson

Besides Master Chief, no other role is more important to the overall atmosphere of the movie than Sgt. Johnson. He was the quintessential 'human' badass of the game and we need an actor that can give him justice. Can you think of a better actor to play him then Mr. Washington himself? Besides Samuel L. Jackson, who was my only other choice for this role and he still might be the better one, I couldn't think of anyone else that could really pull it off. I would expect to see Johnson playing a more active role in Halo 1, until the Arbiter gets involved anyways. Speaking of the Arbiter...

James Ear Jones as The Arbiter

Oh yeah baby, time to bring back the man that made us shiver in our Star Wars whitey tighteys(sp?) everytime Darth Vader spoke. The man that made us cheer in the Lion King when Mufasa became a Lion god and spoke from the heavens. The man that brought James Soloman to life (If you haven't played C&C: Tiberian Sun, don't. Not worth it.) From humble beginnings like The Sandlot to the previously mentioned Star Wars and Lion King, Mr. Jones already has an interest in games. C&C: Tiberian Sun and Kingdom Hearts II are the two biggest games to his resume and I bet Mr. Jones would be happy to bring to life another memorable character to the same millions that walk with light footsteps around our life-size Darth Vader cutouts.

Terrence Stamp as The Prophet of Truth

Mr. Stamp voiced the Prophet in the game. Case closed, nothing else needs to be said.

Lucy Lawless as Commander Miranda Keyes

Now this pick did surprise me, but after thinking about it I had to agree with it. Lucy has that tough-as-nails feminine vibe going on that could give some guys instant big tent revivals. I think she will bring a little more toughness to the character than the game showed. Plus, I have a weakness for Xena. So...yeah.

Geoffrey Pierson as Captain Jacob Keyes

Somehow, I just don't imagine this guy as the one to fully portray Captain Keyes. Keyes is such a huge figure in the first Halo that we need someone who commands authority and has a voice to match it. So I propose an alternative if Mr. Pierson is unavailable or is unwilling to earn millions of dollars in the soon-to-be most popular movie ever.

Alec Baldwin as Captain Jacob Keyes(alternate)

I just think Mr. Baldwin looks the part much better than Mr. Pierson. We all know he is a good actor(if a little crazy) but I really loved him in The Hunt for Red October and after aging some, he looks the part.

Clancy Brown as The Gravemind

I'm still not sure about this pick. Clancy Brown was almost my choice for Captain Keyes and if we can get MY first choice in as the Gravemind, I would definitely kick Mr. Baldwin to the curve to have Mr. Brown play Captain Keyes. My choice for Gravemind is...

Kiefer Sutherland as the Gravemind(preferred choice)

Ever since seeing Phonebooth, I have enjoyed any movie or TV show that has Mr. Sutherland acting in it. His voice, once altered, can be very creepy and fits the overall psychotic nature of the Gravemind better then Mr. Brown's. I haven't seen any of 24, but I'm planning on buying the seasons once I have $$$.

Ron Perlman as Fleet Admiral Sir Terrence Hood

Mr. Perlman looks the part, speaks the part, can damn well act the part. I have scratched my head trying to think of a better actor to play him. Admiral Hood didn't have a huge role in Halo 2 or 3, but a big enough of one to warrant getting a great supporting actor like Mr. Perlman to play him.

So there you have it Dtoid, Big Popa's first casting call is done. Tell me what you all think about these choices, maybe what director you would like to see make it, and try to remember, this is all about some fun imagining from a gamer that loves movies and loves games and wishes the two could be combined to really blow our minds.

Also, if you have any suggestions for the next game to put out a Casting Call for, shoot them at me.

BigPopa, signing off.

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