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BigDoniel avatar 2:31 PM on 11.23.2013  (server time)
What i've played recently!

This is my first update for a while, as my dream of a backlog depletion has been unfulfilled. But even still, the few games i've played have been good! Expect GTA V, but i'll get to that later. So now, the rundown,

Lego Marvel Superheroes

I've always looked at the various Lego games and thought they looked fun, but for whatever reason I kept letting them pass me by. I got Marvel Superheroes for an early Christmas present though and it's one of the most genuinely fun games i've played in ages! Obviously with the lack of death, and the fairly simple puzzles it's not exactly challenging, but the references to the plot of the Avengers and suchlike it's just a happy wee game. It's a comic book lovers dream, and i'm going to use it as my game between games, I need to unlock Deadpool!

Kingdom Hearts

I started Kingdom Hearts a good 10 or so years ago now, and got the Remix version as a gift which was good as I'd gave my ps2 version to someone who i've not saw in a good 5 years, which sums me up a bit to be honest! But yeah, this is just a joy to play. The combat is occasionally a bit clunky, but it generally works great and there's something a bit special about fighting Jafar with Aladdin and Goofy having your back. Obviously being a remaster of the original it's hardly stunning, but it's aged well, probably thanks to the (usually) bright and cheerful aesthetics. It's, again, not exactly one which most people would find massively difficult, and with the basic inventory and slightly simplistic battle system it could be viewed as an ideal entry point into RPGs. Except the special bosses though, seriously, screw them!

Last Of Us

I genuinely have no idea what to think of this. I like the vibe, the infected are creepy as all hell, the crafting system is cool but I don't think I really dig it like others do. The AI of the hunters for one is among the most idiotic i've ever encountered. Don't get me wrong, sometimes they combine to take you down with SWAT like efficiency, but usually they're a bit 'simple'. They can't notice your companions for a start, like seriously, i've saw Ellie repeatedly 'sneak' past hunters by walking directly in front of them. Or she knocks a trashcan over and the guard 5 feet away won't notice, but I tap a chair and they come rushing in. And the ammo situation. I like the idea, I like post-apocalyptic, but I don't like how the hunters have infinite ammo, and when you kill them they have none. Or why the hunters with melee weapons sometimes drop ammo when killed... And the infected, clickers a good, creepy but good, Runners/stalkers are good, very new-age zombie like and unpredictable. But then there's Bloaters. I hate bosses/semi-bosses with one-hit kill moves. Especially when your running from infected and turn a corner to be instantly grabbed and killed. It's cheap and annoys me. One final thing, the game looks lovely, usually, and it loads well aside from the initial load when you first start playing. It has terrible pop-in though, quite shockingly. Foilage renders 15-feet infront of you, and when you have to back through the exact same area it does the same thing, with the exact same scenery. It's hardly a major thing mind, but for a game that is built on dragging you into its world it is a little jarring. So yeah, i'm just over half way through and not sure if I like it or not. I want to finish it, but it's starting to feel like a slog to be honest. We'll see how it goes!

Grand Theft Auto 5

And finally, we have the game destined to be GOTY... I pretty much hated it. Starts ok, then we meet Franklin. He's one of the most annoying characters i've ever encountered in a game. And Michael, he has a cool intro, then it descends into him having a midlife crisis. Trevor was a breath of fresh air though and made me carry on when I got bored after 4 hours. I traded it in after about 8. I have no idea what people find in these games, Red Dead and GTA 4 had the same hatred from me. I find them all tedious, simplistic and massively pretentious in what they seem to think they are. In my eyes, it's just another generic open world with boring missions with the odd good one. I found heists more entertaining in PAYDAY, and in general had a much better time with Sleeping Dogs, which had better fighting and a more entertaining story even if the driving was a bit lax. 

And that is pretty much it! Cheers for reading and as always any advice is more than welcome!

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