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BigDoniel avatar 11:02 AM on 03.27.2013  (server time)
The start of my attempted consumption of my backlog...

I have waaaaay too many games, which I know is not an unusual phenomenon in this community but still, too many! According to steam I have over 100 just on that, not including older PC games and my 360/PSP/Wii and even MegaDrive and few N64 games. I've made a few attempts at focusing on the backlog a few times in the last coupla years, but I always get distracted and buy more games. I Also have tv to watch and comics to read, so time isn't especially fruitful ha. But, and it's a big one, i'm hoping that by documenting my progress through the backlog on this, it'll help my motivation to stick with the games to completion.

So yeah, my goals... I aim to finish at least 2/3 games per month until I'm atleast half way through my collection. The exceptions to this rule will be RPGs and strategys. An RPG will have 1 month, and for the strategy games I will play them till i'm through the campaign, or failing that until I feel i'm well versed in the game. I have a 50 bet on that I won't buy a game this year, and so far i've managed to not buy a single one, so that'll help reduce the temptation to buy more gamezzzz. I just bought Bioshock yesterday so I'm planning on finishing that first, then the decisions start! I have about half an hour of Limbo to go, so that's probably where I'll start. After that it's where the issues start. I am 30 hours into Dragon Age:Origins, but i've been kinda rushing a little bit, not reading all the codecs and paying attention to the surrounding world, so I want to start again and play it should be played! I also got Xcom with the Bioshock preorder, and from the little i've played of that it seems pretty cool. I tried to play Europa Univerallis 3, but I'm not used to the patience it requires due to Total War, so I keep getting dismantled due to my warring, but I really want to learn how to play it! Same with Civ 4, i'm a little better at that though.

That's probably my list of games to start with, this may change entirely though! Also, i've noticed that I have a tendency, mainly in RPGs and strategys, to look up 'perfect builds' and stuff like that, which is mainly due to my new found rush to try and master every game quickly. This stops too, each game will be my own, if I screw up i'll adjust and fix it, no more attempts at quick fixes! So yeah, thanks for reading this guys, and I shall keep you all updated with my quest, wish me luck!

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