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BigDoniel's blog

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BigDoniel avatar 6:23 AM on 03.26.2013  (server time)
My scary first blog!

Hey y'all, my name is Daniel, and this is my worryingly terrible opening blog!

I've been a reader on this site since one fateful night looking at metacritic and finding that Destructoid gave GTA 4 8/10, which may not seem like a massive deal but this, in the sea of 10/10 and 'Best game evaaa!!!' reviews it was massively refreshing, and with further reading of the site I found I finally found some place with real, honest and passionate opinions about the medium that i've loved from as early as I can remember.

I'm 24, a uni dropout and stuck in a pretty dead end job at the moment but to be fair i'm pretty cool with live at the moment. After I left school at 18 my life went into a spiral and my ill fated university time happened to coincide with being kinda depressed and generally unhappy with how my life was going, and this happened for far longer than I'd like to admit. I finally turned the corner last year, when I done what I should've years preiviously and left the 'friends' who were never there for me and start again. Then I met the most amazing girl ever, and 5 months on i'm happier than I have been in years and life looks good for once, bank balance be damned!

So yeah, sorry about the depressing wee intro there but from now on games shall be the focus! I've played games all my life, my first memories are playing the Master System, then MegaDrive. I'll game until I die, nothing will take away my love for them. I've owned all the major consoles, but couldn't get into the PS3, so traded it in after it lay unplugged for 6 months for my second PSP. It has so many amasing games that I wanna play!
I mainly play my PC now, I built it a few years ago, and have a new gaming laptop, so PC gaming is my thing. I love strategy games, even though I am generally terrible at them. I'm very impatient, so while i'm pretty good at Total War, Civ and EU3 ruin me cause I want to WARR!!!!!!!! to early and get creamed.

Sorry this has got so long, it was meant to be shorter honest! I'll update more of my gaming preferences etc in future, unless i'm banished ofcourse ha. Thanks for reading, any advice on how I write is massively appreciated, I know full well that I am not a talented writer. Thanks again, have a great day guys!

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