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BigDoniel avatar 10:29 AM on 09.23.2013  (server time)
First impressions of the PS3! (Second time around)

With my ever increasing backlog I did the only logical thing... bought a PS3. This is infact my second one after trading in my first one a few years ago for my second PSP (noticing a pattern here!). I managed to get a new 500gb with GTA, The Last Of Us and Breaking Bad season 1 for 200 quid, love deals that make no sense! 

Firstly, when I plugged it all in and was greeted with the thing that made me despise it so the last time, updates to be able to do anything! After the initial frustration I managed to get up and running, and fired in GTA. Everyones been screaming of the epicness of it, and even though I knew I'd probably not like it it was with the console so why not! After the stupidly large install, I remembered another hate of the PS3, the featherweight controller and analogue sticks, but i'm getting used to them. 360  controller is still the best in my eyes though. So yeah, back to the game. Starts boring, i really can't get to like this Franklin character, Michael has an awesome intro but his story seemed to fizzle out after the first heist and when I was getting ready to switch of we meet Trevor. Honestly, if the game was just Trevor freaking out i'd be giddy! But as it stands, i'm just about to start the second heist (first was ok, but not as amazing as others are finding them, Payday is better), so i'll persevere a little more and hope it gets good!

I want to start Last Of Us, looks genuinely amazing, but the jewel of the Playstation crown is undoubtedly PS Plus. Got a 30 day trial, and instantly proceeded to download Assassins Creed 3, Uncharted 3, Jak:Trilogy and Saints Row 3. I've always known it was a great deal, but finally seeing it up-close finally makes Xbox live, with its one years old game a month, look outdated and inadequate. I'm looking forward to Far Cry 3 and Dragons Dogma with the next update! 

That my friends is my summary to the PS3 at the moment! I'll post a further update to my backlog soon hopefully, assuming I don't just pack it all in and get addicted to Crusader Kings, DOTA 2. Thanks for reading, as always, any advice on improvement is always welcome!

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