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I'm Daniel, a recently turned 24 university dropout who is currently happy having way to many games to play and comics to read! Mostly game on my Pc now, love RTS/TBS, but in general I'm not great, but I love trying to fail. I also have a PSP, 360, Wii, MegaDrive (Genesis for the US!), and an N64 that i've played once. Favourite game series is Final Fantasy, especially 10. With the exception of Football Manager, no game has stolen more of my life!
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Ahhh, twas about 2 months ago I started a quest full of hope and expectation to attack my backlog full-on, and i'm pleased to admit... it's hardly going to plan. I managed to play a few games, and finish a few but it's not been the triumphant conquest I was hoping for. I quickly realised that I just don't have the time for gaming I used to! I read, work, see the girlfriend and tv and the list goes on! But anyways, this is what i've managed to accomplish so far.

The first game was the amazing Bioshock Infinite. I was given a Ł50 steam gift card for my birthday and my intention was on waiting for Company Of Heroes 2 or Rome 2, but when I saw the steam pre-order deal with this including Xcom and the original Bioshock I couldn't resist! Obviously COH2 released last week and looks awesome, but I don't regret buying this too much. I played the original Bioshock on launch and enjoyed it but it got lost in the sea of games. I loved Infinite though, I know its received some criticism for it being easy, or an interactive movie or other nonsense but it was enjoyable and ye felt like a badass flying around on wires attacking people with crows. Not the game for the 'hardcore gamers' who scoff at anything that doesn't require 20 minutes planning to get past one quard with a peashooter, but i'd hazard a guess and say the vast majority would just enjoy a frankly enjoyable game.

Rachet and Clank:Size Matters was next. This is actually only the second R&C game i've played, after A Crack in Time when I had a PS3. Picked this up cheap when I re-bought the PSP a few years ago, and it sat unplayed till I picked it up last month. I'm not generally a big fan of platformers, but the humour and batshit weaponry makes this a bit different! It's pretty good looking for the age of it, and it controls well with the only real performance issues being the slight slowdown when things get hectic. Personally, I found it slightly unfair in certain parts due to the amount of enemies and how quickly your health depletes, but then again I am terrible at these games! It's dirt cheap now, so if you have a PSP (if you don't, get one!) it's well worth the few quid to pick up.

Fallout was the last one, the classic one nonetheless. I love Fallout 3, and New Vegas. They are easily 2 of my favourite games this generation, and I decided to buy the original 2 games for cheap. Initially it looked a little rough, but after a few visual and stability mods it was smashing. It's clearly a little aged, but the cities are cool, there's plenty of cool people to see and shoot and plenty to do. It's a little easy I found, and the time limit is arguably too much to add any real sense of peril, but the worlds great and it's an enjoyable time sink. My main gripe with the game is that when I killed a gang in one of the towns the full place turned on my and ruined my good karma as ye can't run from combat in any decent fashion. But aside from that, if you played the newer ones and like them give it a try, you'll be pleasantly surprised!

Now what? Not quite sure to be honest. I'll play Fallout 2 at one point, and currently playing FFT:War of the Lions on my psp which i'm enjoying so hopefully be done that soon... Looking for a main game to play, i'm slowly digging my way through Tales of Monkey Island and it's good but I can't be bothered playing more than an hour or so... I'm not sure what else to try, i'm leaving Metro till I finish the book, thinking STALKER, pr replaying Fallout with a bunch of mods... Or my Wii, still to finish skyward sword and even start No More Heroes! So if any of you wonderful people have a suggestion fire away, and as always, any advice to make me write better is welcome! Oh, and steam Ids also if you don't mind, don't actually have anyone on mine who playes remotely similar games. Later guys!

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