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BigDoniel's blog

3:20 AM on 09.12.2015

In this gaming age of open world sandboxes why the hell isn't there a Freedom Fighters sequel???


4:54 PM on 09.05.2015

The more I see/hear about MGSV the more it seems like just an open world game with Metal Gear thrown into it. As a proper MGS game (I hate open worlds with a passion since I just get bored) is it worth buying?


3:38 PM on 08.19.2015

Finally bought and started Xenoblade. Been a while since I played a proper console jrpg that wasn't final fantasy.


10:43 AM on 03.24.2015

Relevant Review : The Witcher

I built first gaming PC around 4 years ago now, and one of the first games I got was The Witcher. I bought it for around 12 hours then largely forgot about it until last month. I'm trying to finish the first 2 in time for the third. So yeah, the review.

As i'm sure everyone is aware, The Witcher is an RPG set in a fantasy world of ghouls and spectres. It controls like a standard WRPG, and has the usual traits like vitality, endurance(magic), exp and one other in the form of toxicity, which will be explained later. The combat system the game uses is really quite weird at first. It essentially takes the form of a rhythm game, where you try and time your mouseclicks to keep combos going, similar I guess in a way to the Arkham Games. There is no block or dodge button, as this is dealt with by number crunching behind the scene. That is quite annoying, as you're constantly hit with attacks anyone could easily dodge, and adds a frustrating luck element to it. There are also different 'signs' (magic) which can aid you, with stuff like wind, fire, mind control and shields being utilized. The combat is admittedly a little unwhwelming in the sense that you don't really do much, but visually it looks cool, with backflips and beheadings everywhere. One of the most interesting things the game does is it's use of potions to augment your abilities. These can be simple things like seeing in the dark, amplyifying healing, or combat changes like slowing down time and increasing attack damage. You can also make 'oils' to coat your swords, to make them more damaging to ghouls, spectres, humans, etc. There are also bombs, but I never used one in my playthrough so couldnt explain them. The potions, signs and flashy combat combine to add some tactical edge it, which helps make the lack of control less annoying.

As for the general gameplay and story, well it's first impressions are of a fairly standard fantasy rpg. You play as Geralt Of Rivia, a Witcher (monster hunter) who rather conviniently has lost his memory. After the opening mission (that serves as the tutorial), you're set off on a quest to find magical scrolls that hold the secret to The Witchers powers. The first little town you come across is under atatck from ghost hounds, and thus your given your first real quest. On top of that, you can take additonal jobs from the townsfolk. This is largely the template for the rest of the game, you got to the main area which serves as a hub for the chapter, you have one main quest and others you can pick up. It's all very standard RPG stuff, and nothing that's going to win any awards, even the stories good but not great. The cast of main characters is quite interesting, and your interactions with them largely shapes your experience. The game does grind to a halt a bit in chapter 2, but after that it's all systems go till the end. Visually, it looks quite good for an 8 year-old game. There are a few assets re-used and there seems to be about 5 different character models, but at times it does look quite nice. There is an issue with invisible walls though, and gaps that look big enough to walk through that you can't, which i'm guessing is a limitation of the engine. So far i've said the game has slightly boring combat, has an ok story, is rather unoriginal and looks quite meh.

And yet I loved it. The game as a game is good at best, but one of the most lauded features of the Witcher franshise is the choices you make. This is where the game really shines, and where the character having amnesia is a masterstroke, as he becomes your character. I know that other games have implemented choices aswell, but i've yet to play one which does it as well as this. There's nothing like choosing the good or bad option, and choices that seem the most reasonable after a view hours might turn out nasty. Throughout the main questline there is one running parallel, in which the non-humans are trying to fight against Order, a Knights Templar like organisation. This is arguably more interesting than the main plotline, as you have a direct influence over what happens. The first Knight of the Order you meet helps you with a quest, and largely seems like a respectable person. However, you hear from others about the atrocities they commit against the non-humans. Quite early on each side gives you a mission to seize the same arms shipment, and it boils down to who do you think is most worthy. Do you help the order who knowingly persectute non-humans for the betterment of humanity, or back the rebels who want freedom and equal rights yet have a reputation for being bandits and terrorists? The choice you make doesn't have an immediate effect on the story, it's only after a few hours that everything starts to reveal itself. I chose what I thought was the right option, but after a few hours I was wondering if I had. The final boss (which is quite dissapointing), sums up all of your choices, and it made me seem like a marauding death dealer when I could've swore I was doing the right thing. Innocents died, towns burned and bad men lived, all because I was trying to help. I loved it though, the choices I made didn't all end in happy endings, which is such a refreshing change from all the 'good' endings we get in games now. My choices were the right ones in my eyes, sometimes life just sucks whatever we do.

Should you buy The Witcher? If you're looking for an RPG where your choices matter, you want a cast of interesting and flawed characters, and can overlook the quirks of the gameplay then this is a great game. Hell, if you like RPGs then you should already be used to games with weird battle systems. It's always on sale, still looks ok and seems like a game made with genuine affection. It's full of sexual conquests too, for lovers of collecting pictures of naked ladies. Thanks for reading, any help for future writings is always welcome!


6:19 PM on 08.14.2014

A generally unhappy tale of 'competitive' gaming and general life issues

I don't usually get affected by celebrities dying, but Robin Williams passing really hit me quite hard. Growing up, and probably still for nostalgic reasons, Aladdin was my favourite movie. Mr Williams of course played the iconic Genie. It was just the shock of a childhood icon being gone, so I done what I usually do when things suck, play a game. My game of choice is, as it has been for a while, Dota 2. First game went ok, then on the second match the 'pros' appeared. I mean this is the most sarcastic way possible, as all these people do is insult, bully and belittle everyone who plays. It kills the fun hugely. I know it's a competitive game, and I hate losing, but I can accept it when it happens and try and learn.

Now, the point of this isn't to bash Dota or such, but the general attitude which seems to be seeping into gaming. I've always played games more than most people I know, and have as such felt a bit of an outcast at times. I had 'friends' at school, but then left school and made new 'friends'. Then I entered a 5 or so year streak of unhappiness and borderline depression, with the only thing keeping me going being my gaming. I ditched the friends, met a girl and 2 years later am still happy. But i'm still not 'normal'. I am hugely socially anxious, to the extent I haven't been out with anyone outwith my girlfriend or family in 2 years. I put on the big happy show at work since I have to, but when I'm home I feel relieved. It doesn't sound like a big deal in writing to be fair, but I know my girlfriend gets upset with my perceived lack of interest in her family, when the truth is I just shut down around people. This gets me down on occasion, and when i'm at home when i'm feeling down i'll put a game on as a source of distraction/fun.

This is where the new-age gaming scene annoys me. I want to play the games I play because they are fun, but far to many seem to have other thoughts. If you're new to a game you're pilloried for being a 'noob', or told to delete the game, reported or any other ridiculous scenario. Even in a guide you find online for games, like one for Supreme Commander I was looking up, the comments were full of players insulting each other for being 'noobs' I really hate that word. I know that in a team game like Dota the advice is play with friends, but my old friends on Steam don't play it and my previous explained anti-socialness limits me to adding players I meet without asking for a match ( I also am constantly paranoid my connection will lag there game but thats another story ha).

I know that this blog needs an ending, but I really can't think of a suitable one! So if you have made it all the way to the bottom of this messy, inarticulate and incoherent mess I applaud you. Seriously, thanks!   read

2:31 PM on 11.23.2013

What i've played recently!

This is my first update for a while, as my dream of a backlog depletion has been unfulfilled. But even still, the few games i've played have been good! Expect GTA V, but i'll get to that later. So now, the rundown,

Lego Marvel Superheroes

I've always looked at the various Lego games and thought they looked fun, but for whatever reason I kept letting them pass me by. I got Marvel Superheroes for an early Christmas present though and it's one of the most genuinely fun games i've played in ages! Obviously with the lack of death, and the fairly simple puzzles it's not exactly challenging, but the references to the plot of the Avengers and suchlike it's just a happy wee game. It's acomic booklovers dream, and i'm going to use it as my game between games, Ineed to unlock Deadpool!

Kingdom Hearts

I started Kingdom Hearts a good 10 or so years ago now, and got the Remix version as a gift which was good as I'd gave my ps2 version to someone who i've not saw in a good 5 years, which sums me up a bit to be honest! But yeah, this is just a joy to play. The combat is occasionally a bit clunky, but it generally works great and there's something a bit special about fighting Jafar with Aladdin and Goofy having your back. Obviously being a remaster of the original it's hardly stunning, but it's aged well, probably thanks to the (usually) bright and cheerful aesthetics. It's, again, not exactly one which most people would find massively difficult, and with the basic inventory and slightly simplistic battle system it could be viewed as an ideal entry point into RPGs. Except the special bosses though, seriously, screw them!

Last Of Us

I genuinely have no idea what to think of this. I like the vibe, the infected are creepy as all hell, the crafting system is cool but I don't think I really dig it like others do. The AI of the hunters for one is among the most idiotic i've ever encountered. Don't get me wrong, sometimes they combine to take you down with SWAT like efficiency, but usually they're a bit 'simple'. They can't notice your companions for a start, like seriously, i've saw Ellie repeatedly 'sneak' past hunters by walking directly in front of them. Or she knocks a trashcan over and the guard 5 feet away won't notice, but I tap a chair and they come rushing in. And the ammo situation. I like the idea, I like post-apocalyptic, but I don't like how the hunters have infinite ammo, and when you kill them they have none. Or why the hunters with melee weapons sometimes drop ammo when killed... And the infected, clickers a good, creepy but good, Runners/stalkers are good, very new-age zombie like and unpredictable. But then there's Bloaters. I hate bosses/semi-bosses with one-hit kill moves. Especially when your running from infected and turn a corner to be instantly grabbed and killed. It's cheap and annoys me. One final thing, the game looks lovely, usually, and it loads well aside from the initial load when you first start playing. It has terrible pop-in though, quite shockingly. Foilage renders 15-feet infront of you, and when you have to back through the exact same area it does the same thing, with the exact same scenery. It's hardly a major thing mind, but for a game that is built on dragging you into its world it is a little jarring. So yeah, i'm just over half way through and not sure if I like it or not. I want to finish it, but it's starting to feel like a slog to be honest. We'll see how it goes!

Grand Theft Auto 5

And finally, we have the game destined to be GOTY... I pretty much hated it. Starts ok, then we meet Franklin. He's one of the most annoying characters i've ever encountered in a game. And Michael, he has a cool intro, then it descends into him having a midlife crisis. Trevor was a breath of fresh air though and made me carry on when I got bored after 4 hours. I traded it in after about 8. I have no idea what people find in these games, Red Dead and GTA 4 had the same hatred from me. I find them all tedious, simplistic and massively pretentious in what they seem to think they are. In my eyes, it's just another generic open world with boring missions with the odd good one. I found heists more entertaining in PAYDAY, and in general had a much better time with Sleeping Dogs, which had better fighting and a more entertaining story even if the driving was a bit lax.

And that is pretty much it! Cheers for reading and as always any advice is more than welcome!   read

10:29 AM on 09.23.2013

First impressions of the PS3! (Second time around)

With my ever increasing backlog I did the only logical thing... bought a PS3. This is infact my second one after trading in my first one a few years ago for my second PSP (noticing a pattern here!). I managed to get a new 500gb with GTA, The Last Of Us and Breaking Bad season 1 for 200 quid, love deals that make no sense!

Firstly, when I plugged it all in and was greeted with the thing that made me despise it so the last time, updates to be able to do anything! After the initial frustration I managed to get up and running, and fired in GTA. Everyones been screaming of the epicness of it, and even though I knew I'd probably not like it it was with the console so why not! After the stupidly large install, I remembered another hate of the PS3, the featherweight controller and analogue sticks, but i'm getting used to them. 360 controller is still the best in my eyes though. So yeah, back to the game. Starts boring, i really can't get to like this Franklin character, Michael has an awesome intro but his story seemed to fizzle out after the first heist and when I was getting ready to switch of we meet Trevor. Honestly, if the game was just Trevor freaking out i'd be giddy! But as it stands, i'm just about to start the second heist (first was ok, but not as amazing as others are finding them, Payday is better), so i'll persevere a little more and hope it gets good!

I want to start Last Of Us, looks genuinely amazing, but the jewel of the Playstation crown is undoubtedly PS Plus. Got a 30 day trial, and instantly proceeded to download Assassins Creed 3, Uncharted 3, Jak:Trilogy and Saints Row 3. I've always known it was a great deal, but finally seeing it up-close finally makes Xbox live, with its one years old game a month, look outdated and inadequate. I'm looking forward to Far Cry 3 and Dragons Dogma with the next update!

That my friends is my summary to the PS3 at the moment! I'll post a further update to my backlog soon hopefully, assuming I don't just pack it all in and get addicted to Crusader Kings, DOTA 2. Thanks for reading, as always, any advice on improvement is always welcome!   read

7:44 AM on 07.01.2013

Blog Update#1: Not going all so well...

Ahhh, twas about 2 months ago I started a quest full of hope and expectation to attack my backlog full-on, and i'm pleased to admit... it's hardly going to plan. I managed to play a few games, and finish a few but it's not been the triumphant conquest I was hoping for. I quickly realised that I just don't have the time for gaming I used to! I read, work, see the girlfriend and tv and the list goes on! But anyways, this is what i've managed to accomplish so far.

The first game was the amazing Bioshock Infinite. I was given a 50 steam gift card for my birthday and my intention was on waiting for Company Of Heroes 2 or Rome 2, but when I saw the steam pre-order deal with this including Xcom and the original Bioshock I couldn't resist! Obviously COH2 released last week and looks awesome, but I don't regret buying this too much. I played the original Bioshock on launch and enjoyed it but it got lost in the sea of games. I loved Infinite though, I know its received some criticism for it being easy, or an interactive movie or other nonsense but it was enjoyable and ye felt like a badass flying around on wires attacking people with crows. Not the game for the 'hardcore gamers' who scoff at anything that doesn't require 20 minutes planning to get past one quard with a peashooter, but i'd hazard a guess and say the vast majority would just enjoy a frankly enjoyable game.

Rachet and Clank:Size Matters was next. This is actually only the second R&C game i've played, after A Crack in Time when I had a PS3. Picked this up cheap when I re-bought the PSP a few years ago, and it sat unplayed till I picked it up last month. I'm not generally a big fan of platformers, but the humour and batshit weaponry makes this a bit different! It's pretty good looking for the age of it, and it controls well with the only real performance issues being the slight slowdown when things get hectic. Personally, I found it slightly unfair in certain parts due to the amount of enemies and how quickly your health depletes, but then again I am terrible at these games! It's dirt cheap now, so if you have a PSP (if you don't, get one!) it's well worth the few quid to pick up.

Fallout was the last one, the classic one nonetheless. I love Fallout 3, and New Vegas. They are easily 2 of my favourite games this generation, and I decided to buy the original 2 games for cheap. Initially it looked a little rough, but after a few visual and stability mods it was smashing. It's clearly a little aged, but the cities are cool, there's plenty of cool people to see and shoot and plenty to do. It's a little easy I found, and the time limit is arguably too much to add any real sense of peril, but the worlds great and it's an enjoyable time sink. My main gripe with the game is that when I killed a gang in one of the towns the full place turned on my and ruined my good karma as ye can't run from combat in any decent fashion. But aside from that, if you played the newer ones and like them give it a try, you'll be pleasantly surprised!

Now what? Not quite sure to be honest. I'll play Fallout 2 at one point, and currently playing FFT:War of the Lions on my psp which i'm enjoying so hopefully be done that soon... Looking for a main game to play, i'm slowly digging my way through Tales of Monkey Island and it's good but I can't be bothered playing more than an hour or so... I'm not sure what else to try, i'm leaving Metro till I finish the book, thinking STALKER, pr replaying Fallout with a bunch of mods... Or my Wii, still to finish skyward sword and even start No More Heroes! So if any of you wonderful people have a suggestion fire away, and as always, any advice to make me write better is welcome! Oh, and steam Ids also if you don't mind, don't actually have anyone on mine who playes remotely similar games. Later guys!

11:02 AM on 03.27.2013

The start of my attempted consumption of my backlog...

I have waaaaay too many games, which I know is not an unusual phenomenon in this community but still, too many! According to steam I have over 100 just on that, not including older PC games and my 360/PSP/Wii and even MegaDrive and few N64 games. I've made a few attempts at focusing on the backlog a few times in the last coupla years, but I always get distracted and buy more games. I Also have tv to watch and comics to read, so time isn't especially fruitful ha. But, and it's a big one, i'm hoping that by documenting my progress through the backlog on this, it'll help my motivation to stick with the games to completion.

So yeah, my goals... I aim to finish at least 2/3 games per month until I'm atleast half way through my collection. The exceptions to this rule will be RPGs and strategys. An RPG will have 1 month, and for the strategy games I will play them till i'm through the campaign, or failing that until I feel i'm well versed in the game. I have a 50 bet on that I won't buy a game this year, and so far i've managed to not buy a single one, so that'll help reduce the temptation to buy more gamezzzz. I just bought Bioshock yesterday so I'm planning on finishing that first, then the decisions start! I have about half an hour of Limbo to go, so that's probably where I'll start. After that it's where the issues start. I am 30 hours into Dragon Age:Origins, but i've been kinda rushing a little bit, not reading all the codecs and paying attention to the surrounding world, so I want to start again and play it should be played! I also got Xcom with the Bioshock preorder, and from the little i've played of that it seems pretty cool. I tried to play Europa Univerallis 3, but I'm not used to the patience it requires due to Total War, so I keep getting dismantled due to my warring, but I really want to learn how to play it! Same with Civ 4, i'm a little better at that though.

That's probably my list of games to start with, this may change entirely though! Also, i've noticed that I have a tendency, mainly in RPGs and strategys, to look up 'perfect builds' and stuff like that, which is mainly due to my new found rush to try and master every game quickly. This stops too, each game will be my own, if I screw up i'll adjust and fix it, no more attempts at quick fixes! So yeah, thanks for reading this guys, and I shall keep you all updated with my quest, wish me luck!   read

6:23 AM on 03.26.2013

My scary first blog!

Hey y'all, my name is Daniel, and this is my worryingly terrible opening blog!

I've been a reader on this site since one fateful night looking at metacritic and finding that Destructoid gave GTA 4 8/10, which may not seem like a massive deal but this, in the sea of 10/10 and 'Best game evaaa!!!' reviews it was massively refreshing, and with further reading of the site I found I finally found some place with real, honest and passionate opinions about the medium that i've loved from as early as I can remember.

I'm 24, a uni dropout and stuck in a pretty dead end job at the moment but to be fair i'm pretty cool with live at the moment. After I left school at 18 my life went into a spiral and my ill fated university time happened to coincide with being kinda depressed and generally unhappy with how my life was going, and this happened for far longer than I'd like to admit. I finally turned the corner last year, when I done what I should've years preiviously and left the 'friends' who were never there for me and start again. Then I met the most amazing girl ever, and 5 months on i'm happier than I have been in years and life looks good for once, bank balance be damned!

So yeah, sorry about the depressing wee intro there but from now on games shall be the focus! I've played games all my life, my first memories are playing the Master System, then MegaDrive. I'll game until I die, nothing will take away my love for them. I've owned all the major consoles, but couldn't get into the PS3, so traded it in after it lay unplugged for 6 months for my second PSP. It has so many amasing games that I wanna play!
I mainly play my PC now, I built it a few years ago, and have a new gaming laptop, so PC gaming is my thing. I love strategy games, even though I am generally terrible at them. I'm very impatient, so while i'm pretty good at Total War, Civ and EU3 ruin me cause I want to WARR!!!!!!!! to early and get creamed.

Sorry this has got so long, it was meant to be shorter honest! I'll update more of my gaming preferences etc in future, unless i'm banished ofcourse ha. Thanks for reading, any advice on how I write is massively appreciated, I know full well that I am not a talented writer. Thanks again, have a great day guys!   read

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