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BigBoss3 avatar 3:20 PM on 06.18.2014  (server time)
Kojima Depressed again because of GTA V

I know Kojima will never read this but as a massive fan of his i have to say some thing so let start.

If you have played the MGS series or not you know of the genius Hideo Kojima he has made on of my favorite games of all time the man is a genius he and his team but so much work into what they do. I know you can call me a fanboy but if you played one of this games you would know and that's why i have so much respect for Kojima but it makes me upset when he said he that MGS will not measure up to GTA V. Kojima MGS and GTA are to different games yours focuses on stealth action ,politics, International war and the hard ship of being a soldier. GTA is this fun open world game drive around shoot people here and rob a store there and funny characters. What i am trying to say is metal gear solid 5 phantom pain is going to be great as a die hard MGS fan i cant wait to see the open world you have made and it's made people who have never played your games want to play it and or start from the beginning and work there way up to MGS 5. The thing is i don't want MGS to be like GTA V and i don't want GTA to be like MGS. So Kojima as one of your millions of fans don't get upset be happy for the  legacy you have made and all the people who love and respect you so keep working hard on MGS Kojima because it's going to be one hell of a game.

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