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BigBaby9199's blog

3:48 AM on 12.27.2008

It's Been A While...

about 3 or 4 months since I've been on this beloved site but I saw a video on YouTube of a dude glitching on GoW 2, it's 4 in the morning. I hate the glitchers.

[embed]116072:16637[/embed]   read

2:46 AM on 10.14.2008

Soulja Boy XBL


Look I'm not gonna lie. I like his beats but the fucking lyrics are repetitive. I mean goddamn same shit over and over. But I am going to whup his ass in Gears and/or Halo. Nice PS3 "but fuck PS3 back to Xbox dont nobody play no godamn Playstation"   read

10:58 PM on 10.07.2008

Coletrain Teaches Us How to Play Madden 09


I have nothing else to say except that "If I cant win, then nobody wins"   read

11:13 PM on 10.06.2008

Top 5 Locust Hosted by Damon Baird

Yeah, yeah I know another GoW blog, but like I said before I GO GAY FOR GoW
[embed]106605:15018[/embed]   read

5:24 PM on 10.06.2008



This is probably up somewhere on the C-Blogs but whatever. This game is going to be awesome and I like the idea of the Kantus it's very shaman-esque with the whole reviving and summoning thing. But I like how the Theron Guards have that beast ass mount with the bulky ass arms. The Tickers seem a little gay but I go gay for Gears of War. Dual Chainsaw Staff FTW.

RAAM vs Skourge = Flip-Flops vs Boots

BTW Don't Smoke Weed

[embed]106550:15008[/embed]   read

3:24 PM on 10.01.2008

MGS 4 Producer On New Halo

The whole story is here. I don't know what in fucks sake is going to happen, Ryan Payton was a "Key Factor" in the control scheme for MGS 4. So what would he bring to Halo? I mean the control scheme for Halo was good but what would they need this guy for? It's not like he made the storyline or anything big like that he just figured out the controls. Whatever I guess we will see WTF happens.

BTW I really don't like Halo that much, I just thought this was interesting.   read

9:25 PM on 09.23.2008


I found this to be pretty interesting on the official Gears of War 2 website.

You basically call 1-800-598-6379 and pretend you are a Seran right when Emergence Day hits, so you don't know what the alien race is so your supposed to be surprised and like "OMG WTF is that eatin my dog".

And this

I definitely want to see people running around in heavy ass suits of armor pretending to shoot Locust and making chainsaw noises. Oh god I cant believe this is going to be a show. I guess we'll see when it comes out.

I don't know who this guy is but he makes RAAM look like a bitch.   read

12:17 PM on 09.20.2008


I'm at the Apple store right now with my friend. He is trying to save a hundred dollars buy
saying his old iTouch is broken so he can get the second gen. Their is so many people here
breathing down my neck as I type this. Just a second ago 3 or 4 people kept asking What
is Dtoid?


BTW he's bitch ass just got the new iTouch, plus 107 dollars in store credit.   read

9:03 PM on 09.18.2008

Red Alert 3 Remix


George Takei makes me laugh.   read

7:01 PM on 09.18.2008

Tekken 6


Heihachi and Law are probably my favorite characters. I've only played #1,2, and a little bit of 3, and 4. But I dont know anything about 6, except for the fact that it looks decent and playable. But WTF was with that girl at the end of the video with that Oh-I-took-off-my-head-here-you-can-have-it type of shit.   read

8:41 PM on 09.17.2008

Game Over

Something every gamer has suffered. The dreaded GAME OVER


BTW the song is funny at first, then gets annoying.   read

9:53 PM on 09.16.2008


Can anyone get me the Seriously achievement on G.o.W.? JKJKJKJK

Terrible jokes aside watch this video.


I know, I know, this song is old. But for some reason I really enjoyed the video. I think Im going to play Portal now.   read

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