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Name: Thomas Baer
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I've played my fair share of video games and then some in my life, from the high profile (Ocarina of Time) to the virtually unknown (Carmageddon). I'm proud to be a robot.

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In the past I’ve raved about how awesome Big Lots is. It’s easy to find a decent movie and a PC game or two for five dollars or less a pop, and it’s no stretch of the imagination to say you can go in the joint with a ten and walk out with a drink, some candy, and a new game to play, with enough bills left in your wallet for a small lunch at Taco Bell. Here are a couple photos of me with my new treasures from yesterday’s excursion to Big Lots.

Now, I’ve heard this game is mediocre at best and tantamount to buying a train ticket to Shittytown at worst, but for four dollars I think I can be okay with that.

Thief: The Dark Project? For four dollars you say?

Mmmmmmm, taste that stealth-action flavor.


Not pictured: A box of sour gummi worms the size of my forearm (one dollar), the 1989 version of Phantom of the Opera (three dollars), and a Mrs. Fields Chipwhich ice cream sandwich (one dollar, twenty-five cents; eaten). If you ever find yourself near a Big Lots, I can’t recommend enough that you go in and take a look at the movie/games section. Roll up your sleeves and prepare to sift through a pile of shit to find a diamond at a price so low the only way to find it cheaper is theft.
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