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5:21 PM on 05.23.2009

A post about RapeLay: Not what you think....

First of all i would like to say:


Now that's out of the way, i would like to start.

A few days ago a friend of mine called me up. He said he had found something of interest and i should check it out. So off i trotted to his and he had something set up on his computer, and it was RapeLay

That there is the title screen. Now i had heard of this game before, there was the incident were Amazon were selling it online before someone called them on it. If you don't know, RapeLay is a rape simulation game. I have read the Something Awful review so i had a fair idea on what to expect.

I was wrong.

So the game has a plot, but to say it matters or is relevant is like saying the controls in Mass Effect work, it's a lie. So we start the game and basically you are some guy looking for revenge about being locked up for trying to molest a woman on a subway train. He gets out thanks to his father who is a lawyer and he repays this good faith by setting up a revenge plot which involves raping the woman who put him in jail and her family.

Yes I'm serious.

The cover. Seems fun yeah?

The game starts with you stalking the mother in the subway, you walk near her hoping to catch a glimpse of her panties etc. The first thing i noticed is the game is buggy as hell, like really bad, plus you icon seems to be that old reliable of hentai games, the single hand. Now at this point we are sitting there wondering what the point of all this is, and seeing as we had the crappy translated version we could only barely make out what was being said, Also, if it is of any use, the woman in question also had giant breasts, another staple of hentai games. Im getting off point, but at this point your character then prays for a gust of wind to blow so he can see her panties. This happens, and this will continue to happen as long as you keep doing it...

So a God of Rape yes?


You get on the train with the woman and then your goal is to molest her using shitty mouse controls to feel her up and build up her arousal meter. Again, this game just confuses me, why would she be getting aroused by being felt up by a stranger?, im thinking about this too much. So more or less, she escapes and you chase her down and have your way with her. During the..em...having your way with her you can switch the camera around were you want it.

Problem being?

The camera is shit, it jerks all over the place and zooms into the character models making it impossible to see whats going on. Than you can change positions using the mouse to get whatever position you want, again having to struggle with the shitty mouse controls. When this is over, there is more awful dialog (abet badly translated) and it ends. The rest of the game is made up of the same thing.

Or so i thought.

Basically the second "stage" is the second oldest daughter, that followed more or less the same formula, with the same bad controls. At this point i was bored, a little shocked that this game could be released, but it was nothing i had seen before from other hentai games, this just had better graphics. So i considered asking me friend to turn this off, because instead of shocking me, the game just bored me. Just at i was at the point of leaving, the third girl appeared


So now my curiosity had changed to a horrified look. I knew the girl was in the game, but i didn't think that the game would go this way, no way. But it did. It went all the way with it. Me and my friend sat there as this went on, both of us with shocked looks on our face as this went on, then mercifully, i clicked the red X and closed it down.

That was 3 days ago, and i couldn't shake this thought about this game, and its not about the game itself. The game is dogshit, it looks like crap(ish) and plays just as bad. Also it takes ages to load. But its the mentallity of my friend that did.

You go onto a site, and you see this game called RapeLay, you will be horrified, i was. But when i saw how many people had downloaded it it clicked for me. There is a large presentage who downloaded this out of curiosity, there are the people who do it because they like rape/pedophilia but what about all the other that have it?

I asked my friend this and he said he knew it was wrong, but he wanted to see what it was like and i thought this was weird, I spoke to a few of my gamer friends, and though they said they have an interest, even a small one, in playing it.

Look, a puppy to break up the depression!

I don't get this, is it because its a game about rape?, you can't get caught and people don't get hurt. So is it a hidden desire to do it?, i don't think so. I didn't want to play it when i first saw it. But what got me is i wanted to see how a game like this is developed and how it works. But in this 4chan era of the internet, were being "sick" is the new thing, i just find this game sort of stuck in a paradox.

You ask parents if they would let there kids play this, they would say no, and possible call the police. But these are the same parents that let there kids play GTA etc. Again i'm not saying rape is fine, far from it. But people say this game has no right to exist, but neither does GTA by that logic. Again i think it's wrong because its got the rape of an 11 year old in it, but if you ignore that (which is a stretch i know), its just another game that features something horrible in life.

Rape has never been really tackled video games, it has been done with movies and TV, but not in games. They never should be, games are escapism and should be like that, we don't need reminding the horrors of real rape, Some might argue it can be done, but if this game is all we get from it, then ithey really should nto bother. Simple as.

Thats my rant/mini review. I'd love to hear your thoughts on anything i have spoken about.   read

8:14 AM on 11.28.2008

Left 4 Dead Mod: Do Want :D

As some of you know, that many of the Valve games get modded. Well, Left 4 Dead is no different, and what is coming is gonna be on a scale of epic proportion. Introducing one of the hottest L4D mods thats coming

Thats right, the mall from the Dawn of the Dead remake is coming to Left 4 Dead. Video walkthrough of the mall. Be warned, that model is about 6 months old.

Moar pics:

There is gonna be a playable beta of this level next month, with a view to a release for PC in the new year. No word of an Xbox 360 release and i doubt there will be.

But either way, this level is a major labor of love, and looks badass to play.   read

3:11 PM on 11.22.2008

Ladies and Gentlemen

I am looking to form a Rock Band 2 band on Xbox 360. Mainly for fun, but looking to do some serious play. So, if anyones interested add me on my GT: SystemCasher666

Now im looking for:



Bassist/Other guitar when i cant be bothered to play

You need to have alot of DLC as i have at lease 70% of it so its a must. You also must be able to play on Hard/Expert Difficulty

Also, anyone who wants to jam and hang out on RB2 add me also. Il be on all night from now until late :D   read

7:07 PM on 10.20.2008

Buying games for the sake of it...

Now im not saying that im mega rich and can afford everything, but sometimes im browsing through a games store and il jut buy a game for the sake of it. Recently i bought Mass Effect and have not played it other then the brief 3 hours i spent with it. That was 3 weeks ago now. Its getting a little bit annoying as i have tons of games, not completed, and i want to complete them before i get rid of them.

Now with shit lods of good games coming, its going to be hard to choose what to buy. This is going to be weird.   read

8:44 PM on 10.11.2008

Fifa and its stupid be a pro system

So i got Fifa 09, decent game. Stops me playing Rock Band, because i will end up not eating and dying if i continue to play that game.

Anyway, in the BAP (Be A Pro) you control one player. and the goal is to get your player the best. much like the career in madden. but it a strange one. I scored 6 goals in a game. But because i misplaced one pass!! ONE FUCKING PASS!!!, it knocked my rating down by one and i didnt complete one of my goal.

Fuck EA and that stupid game crippling system.

Until later

Keep it /sic   read

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