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11:49 PM on 02.24.2013

Intrusion 2: The Intrusioning

Intrusion 2 is a well put together side scrolling shooter that starts strong and holds the momentum. It can be easily compared to other side scrolling shooters like Metal slug and Contra but it needn't be, even though it is apparent it has used these titles as inspiration it holds up as its own thing.

Within Intrusion 2 there is some very interesting points of exploration and a multitude of powerful weaponry and genuinely entertaining enemies to do away with. It is obvious at the beginning of the first level that you are in for a ride. As the protagonist parachutes into a battle field you get a clear picture of the art style which is a blend of 2D and 3D art.

There is no story to speak of within Intrusion 2. It is in its entirety a simple and well put together side scrolling shooter with some platforming elements and nothing more. The adage, "Do one thing and do it well." applies to this title as there are little to no hiccups in the setup and execution of the action throughout the entire game. The action seamlessly carries you from one checkpoint to the next with little indication of level changes. This is a good thing as much as it is bad thing as you may run the entire game in a matter of only a few hours without having realized how far along you were. To this effect there is a hard mode difficulty setting which I strongly recommend to anyone who has played games of this sort before. For the most part I only experienced one instance of true difficulty which took the form of a bullet-hell type boss that rappelled from one side of the room to the other spraying bullets and dropping rocks from above. If you play this and get to this point - conserve your ammo and wait for her to change her mode of attack, evade as best you can and be patient.

There is some formulaic exploration in the level design which isn't bad but it isn't really inspired either. Exploration consists mostly of getting past the half way mark in an area and back tracking on the roof tops and high wires to reach a hidden weapon or witty remark on a sign. Back tracking does not always respawn enemies but it may and farther along into the game that means machine gun wielding mechs with laser swords come back, be advised.

The sound is fitting to a game in this genre. The sound effects are on point although they are nothing exceptional or unexpected. The music consists of only a few tracks and is on a two minute repeat. The music being slightly repetitive isn't such a bad thing at times as the metal guitar riff track is fitting. With a playthrough running of about 3 hours or so, I suggest your own music, anything electronic or metal would fit.

Intrusion 1 is a free online flash game check it out.

Intrusion 2 is a very honest attempt and a good attempt at being a short and sweet side scrolling shooter. Fans of the genre may like this honest attempt at the genre. If you haven't checked it out and enjoy the side scrolling type genre you'll probably really like Intrusion 2. Check out the first at the link above, if its to your liking check out the demo for Intrusion 2 and then please consider helping out the talent behind it by purchasing Intrusion 2 from their official site or on steam. You can check out a demo of Intrusion 2 right here it is also available for download from the official site.

Without spoiling what weapons or enemies you'll encounter I think its best if you play the demo and play the first one in the series. If you like the demo I assure you this game does not stop its fast paced action, it really carries through the entire game and for that I have to commend the talent behind the title.

GLaDOS Potatoe 5 Quality Images FTW   read

11:39 PM on 02.21.2013

Plants Vs Zombies is Free on iOS until February 28th

There is no better price than free!
If you have an iPad or iPodTouch or iPhone, get this while you can because nothing says time well wasted like a free award winning multiplatform title that's on a mobile device is is actually a video game. If you have a compatible device download it or you a square do-nothing know-nothing who has an iPad just cause'. Not that there is anything wrong with a 'got-dat jus'cause' kind of crowd, but there is something to be said about a person who doesn't accept a free cupcake, when they have friends who like cupcakes. Do you know what I'm saying?   read

10:25 PM on 02.21.2013

Rumormill: Bioshock Infinite Delayed Until Next-Gen

So, let's say I heard a thing and I can't exactly call someone to confirm this because that would be harassment, but I heard a thing. I'd like to head up this rumor with an official statement but when I call the offices of 'Levine and Sons Co.' I get an answering machine, something about fresh fish in New Port. No idea.

What I do know is that Bioshock Infinte is slated for a Marsh 2013 release this date is supposed to be beyond set in stone. Do you think it will be delayed yet again until after E3? Or do you think that it may in fact be delayed all the way until Fall 2013 or perhaps even early 2014?

It's almost insane to think it would come out next year instead of this spring. That's a big step away from what seems to be etched in stone. Someone please - come out of the wood work, official comments on this need to be had.

It seems possible but not likely that this will happen, cross all the fingers.   read

12:56 AM on 02.16.2013

Infinity Blade Free Until February 22nd 2013

Jump while you can!

Infinity Blade has been hailed as a serious attempt at making a hardcore mobile game. It uses the Unreal Engine, doesn't require any micro-transaction, albeit those are supported, and the game takes a measure of skill to master.

Toting a $5 price point and delivering on content, it raised the bar for cohesive mechanics and graphic design on a mobile platform. With art direction that stands up to the likes of Dark Souls, the appeal is there. It's dark Gothic atmosphere sets the tone for sword and shield combat.

Infinity Blade 2 is seeing the light of day and in celebration Infinity Blade has become free for a limited time. If you have an iOS device and enjoy eye candy, there is no reason not to download this right now, and you should - because Free is best kind of price. Did I mention its actually a game that isn't pay-to-win? You can play this for more than 20 minutes without it wanting some kind of in-house currency to be re-buffered, ever - at all.

You can't get a better price than free.

Appstore for iOS


6:31 PM on 02.12.2013

The Poison of Electronic Arts in Dead Space 3

tldr: Don't buy Dead Space 3 because it'll make everyone at Visceral Games alcoholic unemployed industry professionals.
Also this:
Isaac's Face at 5 minutes says it all

Nothing says desperation like a burst of varying underhanded marketing tactics being thrown at a single title. I'm sure the thought process behind co-op multiplier is that it directly correlates to more single sales of a title so that more people will play together. The counter to this of course is that most online and multiplier experiences are re-hashed, overused, and bland ideas which hold little to no footing for a consistent audience. Because every other title and those titles squeals contain a multiplayer experience and that directly invalidates and dilutes a consistent online audience even further. Dead Space 3 does just that to by directly invalidating the online experience of Dead Space 2, just as Uncharted 3 does to Uncharted 2. Minor improvements over previous installments might as well be swept aside with the overwhelming avalanche to conform and purchase the latest title. However, this criticism is not based on Dead Space 3's multiplayer experience, it is a far more superficial analysis than that. Instead, the purpose will be to direct the attention to disgusting, lazy, and unintentionally horrific details about Dead Space 3 which contrast with such atrocities as the Geoff Keighley Mountain Dew and Doritos incident, as well as the worst most tasteless tri-colour pasta of videogame endings even conceived at the end of Mass Effect 3. Wherein then does this rant fall onto Dead Space 3 and lend itself to previous rants/expositions/editorials about industry trends? This is a forecast of the Dead Space franchise and Visceral Games.

Dead Space 3 is a well sculpted piece of shit that Electronic Arts has special selected out of the intestines of Visceral Games. EA's fist is so far in and so deep into the ass of Visceral Games that over time EA will have worked that companies asshole into a seamless cloaca. Blending the virtues of a penis, a vagina, and an asshole into a single entity capable of being both fucked and sucked synchronously by a single puppeteer arm. This cloaca will piss a scientifically engineered cocktail with which EA sustains itself.

EA is without a doubt enforcing policies and creative control at Visceral Games. There are some interesting changes that go beyond blending more action into the title. Dead Space did well enough to spawn a very well executed sequel. By no means are the Dead Space games a pinnacle of the interactive arts, but they are examples of how a narrative can compel and captivate an audience. Unfortunately to promote a franchise with unique story elements that diversify it from other current titles certain aspects of that story may be engineered into a marketing ploy to make it appear more original that it actually is. A franchise may even become dependent for cliff hangers to be present to establish the facade of a continuation of what was once a compelling or original narrative.

The presentation and quality of Dead Space 3 is disturbing in the most unintentional and stupid of ways at times, laughably so. Elements which are essentially redundant are in place as filler around every corner. Specifically speaking, Dead Space 3 is notorious for offering up moments of uninspired superficial player interaction. There are ladders, elevators, and stairs visible everywhere in Dead Space 3 which may require some running around to get to, power up, or operate. These interactions use every other excuse to invoke some kind of trivial switch box for the player to click on to activate or drop, this is superficial player interaction at its worst and it is rampant throughout the title. Go to X, do X, go all the way over to Y, enemies came back between X and Y take them out, pat on the back by npc, player is made to feel like they did something, get to the chopper, reward for getting back to X, narrative continuation, etc. This is an adventure game algorithm which is setup to deliver an allocated amount of time for a reward system to deliver. If the player spends X amount of time doing Y the reward and the continuation of the narrative should happen at an interval that won't cause boredum or gameplay stagnation and ceases to be entertaining. Basically, it's chunks of gameplay that are in place to make the game feel like a game without delivering anything more than mechanics which have been done in videogames since Quake 25 years ago. It is uninspired and lazy. These moments leave something to be desired of the capabilities of current videogames. As open world games and fps titles become more advanced the players interaction can develop into new types of gameplay. See a door you can't open but you've got a rocket launcher that took five hours to get, blow it up. You hate an NPC because they annoy the shit out of you and are portrayed in a way that irks you, do away with them. Creating situations outside of a linear algorithm is actually very easy as they are mostly fully automated mechanics. So why is it that Isaac can't climb over a guard rail? Why does he need to use a ladder to get up a two foot high blockade? The worst instances of superficial player interaction include the interaction with a four foot ladder, no more than a few inches from the ground, it requires the player to interact with a switch box which is larger and more impractical than the ladder. It does not focus the gameplay experience or narrative it takes players out of the game and says, "This is a videogame." its condescending, but I suppose in the name of branching to a 'wider audience' dumb is the way to go.

The things that were done with physics and space ships in "Star Wars: The Force Unleashed" was as fun to interact with as it was to watch. The ability to use the environment in a way that impacted gameplay in a positive way was everywhere. Gameplay interactions which impacted the environment in a way that benefited the gameplay and narrative and could have been done with ease in Dead Space 3, instead it appears almost as though intentional steps had been taken to add as much stiff filler gameplay moments as possible. With the incredible plethora of tool available why can't metal bars and doors be melted or destroyed? At times its less like you are playing the game and more like EA has its hand up your ass playing you saying, "This is how the game is meant to be played." while also saying implying that if you want to express individuality to express it by creating inefficient weapons, it is literally the only way the player can actually express themselves in some way in this game.

There is nothing worse than an overarching story which spans books, movies, and videogames to have conflicting story elements between mediums. Retroactive continuity and continuity problems effect a medium in a lot of ways, for the most part it stops you from enjoying it. A little thing like a blue cup turning red or perhaps entire set pieces like islands or buildings disappearing between shots in a movie can disturb and actually subconsciously distort an audiences perception and make them less receptive. A lack of continuity or even a spelling error in a book may even create deep feelings of doubt and dread. A lack of continuity can alienate fans, as a producer you never want that to happen. This is one of the reasons why the “The Last Air Bender” movie fell apart, the director fucked up very badly.

A lack of continuity can be as easy as writing dialogue for a character and having a misstep in what that character may think or feel in a given situation. When Isaac had a needle pierce his brain through his eye he didn't shout, “A goat made of pudding killed my girlfriend and lick my asshole she drowned. Whores!”. It wouldn't have been realistic or relevant for that kind of dialogue. The sequence was exceptionally well done, the animation on Isaac's face perfectly reflected the tense situation. If the fourth wall were to be broken during the sequence I'm sure Isaac would have been muttering, “Don't fucking kill me, don't fucking kill me.” but because the sequence is so well done, nothing needs to be said. You understand how tense the situation is each time you try and manipulate that needle into position. The sequence is exceptional and is an example of how interaction between narrative elements, gameplay, and digital performance can consume a player in the atmosphere of a videogame and truly captivate them.

In Dead Space 3 after Isaac and Elie's ship is ripped in half, he has a blank face. His character looks clearly not animated at all. Ellie's face on the other hand had been distorted and exaggerated beyond recognition. Ellie in this scene is adorned with a low cut red top and for the most part her chest remains clearly visible as fire and debris scatter around. I'm sure Ellia was originally written to maintain her persona and really her entire character from Dead Space 2 and that during this scene she was meant to die. Ellie comes back latter on to serve as a superficial love interest with two cardboard cutouts for antagonists trolling behind her. What's with the low cut top? Why does she have to be a love interest? If it's so easy to find a spaceship, why doesn't she just get into one and fly home? What in the fuck is she even doing?

The story elements take a turn for the worse when Isaac reffers to himself as the 'marker killer' at which point I'm sure many fans of Dead Space face-palmed a little bit. In the first game Isaac was a voiceless nobody with nothing but tools at his disposal. Not only did his character work well in Dead Space but he was actually developed as a character when he took on a voice in Dead Space 2, it was an addition which also helped players to care about the character so that in desperate moments players wouldn't be just be thinking, “I don't want to die and have to start over.” but that they would also take into consideration Isaac as a character and not want to watch him get killed. Isaac had been through some hard times between the first and second installments if you cared about the story it would be second nature to really feel as though Isaac Clarke, an unsuspecting engineer who went to fix a radio, became hunted by the decomposing irradiated remains of people he may have known. Not to mention he was uncertain about his girlfriend being alive and was dealing with conflicting psychological issues revolving around her disappearance. On top of that in Dead Space 2 the introductory gameplay is a cross referencing of other canonical material from books and two side-story games. It's a full circle of material that continues to develop throughout and then suddenly contrasting to all of these developments Isaac looks and acts like a douche and talks funny. The fuck Visceral?

I played Dead Space[i/] without really knowing what it was. Finding out it had an intesting corporate and religious subtext present in its story I really felt there was some depth to it. When EA noticed Visceral Games was amassing a bit of a following it was like watching Chris Hanson asking them to take a seat like they'd done something wrong. There was something reserved about the press material presenting itself near the [i]Dead Space 2 launch. Like some EA QA analysts sat down and verified that the product would make money, giving EA the go ahead to send in some foot soldiers to oversee the development of the third installment. Then rumors about taking some of the horror out of the game surfaced which presented questions like, 'If you take the horror out of 'Survival horror' what kind of game do you get?” And then a co-operative campaign was announced and that Isaac would have a partner who looked like a Gears of War COG reject. Fans across the internet intensified their worries exclaiming that if the narrative was still in place everything would be fine. Then the biggest bomb dropped before release, micro-transactions. EA probably had a lot to do with all of these design decisions probably more than anyone at Visceral Games would like to admit. I'm sure they had something to do with the low cut top, the mobile game pay to win formula seeing an inception into a multiplatform title, I just tell myself Isaac's face in that scene where that ship is getting torn apart is the expression of a metaphor. The metaphor a separation from a company and its creative license and control over something it worked so hard to create.

And then it get's reincarnated with breast implants and suddenly everyone around you is mental handicapped and nothing makes sense.

The boss is a moon.

That's fine.

I don't care anymore.

Please don't buy Dead Space 3, you'll only be supporting the problems with underfunded and overstaffed development projects. It leads to mass layoffs and the destruction of beloved stories and characters. Not to mention, if you purchase Dead Space 3 it will only provoke EA to seize even more control over the development process and cause the senior staff at Visceral to mail-it-in so hard that it'll make shit worthy of a Andres Serrano exhibit. I loved Dead Space, I have the zappy gun flashlight happy meal toy and everything. But what it was is dead. I'm not saying this because I'm a purist. Too much evil is taking place between EA and its partners and the masses appear to be supporting their idiocy and manipulation. I can't support microtransactions and the condescending mediocrity that comes with it.

If you want a review score it's:

A sign of entrenched mediocrity out of two micro-transactions.

These people never played the game either.

12:36 AM on 02.06.2013

I Just Shit in Your Toilet (could be fun)

Open heart surgery hasn't been so much fun since Trauma: Life in the ER came out. Nothing like a little one handed open heart surgery after a few beers.*

*if you have no idea what I'm talking about check out

Playing this game got me thinking, this could be an entire genre of video games. Imagine, the struggle to get a glass out of a crowded cup cupboard with the objective of not breaking any, or having to take exactly three squares of toilet paper from the roll without ripping them somewhere down the middle and then trying to stuff that square between your legs or around your legs and then wiping without getting shit smeared on the hand. It would be fucking glorious. Other games could include:

- Open The Door
*get keys from pocket which has a pocket knife, and some tissue and candy wrappers. Throw it all away and hen you have to fumble with the keyring.

-Turn your PlayStation/XBOX/WiiU On
*plug the fucking thing in, pick a game to play, take it out of the case, get that thing in the console and get it to run

-Take a Piss
*open the toilet lid, lift the seat, unzip your fly, GOGOGO, don't hurt yourself, - flush, wash your hands, don't be a douche, wash your disgusting hands - Future DLC: Take a Piss Girl; undo that button, unzip that fly, pull those pants down, address your panties like a real lady, and do your business, centered on the toilet, wipe so you don't get AIDS, pull em up, do em up, flush, unlatch the door, wash up - chunky DLC WORTH THE BIG $$$$

-Open The Bag of Chips
*OLD DUTCH - fucking box of chips, open that shit, grab a bag, open that fucking bag, eat a fucking chip, and another, until you eat the whole bag, then you crumple the bag and throw it across the room at your garbage bin/can/corner.

-Make Tea
*boil water, grab a tea bag, place it in the kettle or the cup, don't be a douche, pour some creamer if you're a douche DLC: Loose leaf tea, in a a clear glass bot with an infuser, this DLC requires the Drink a Beer full version with the Get a Drink DLC to operate

-Drink a Beer
*get it from the fridge, get the bottle opener magnet off the door, open that shit without spilling it DLC available at launch; Get a Drink aka the cup-from-a-cupboard-DLC

-Pick Your Nose and Don't Die Doing it
Pick a winner! *get in there and don't kill yourself

-Sign for Your Parcel
*signature required, sign for it, take the package, close your dorrs

-Do the Dishes
*holy shit why



I will gladly be the designer for these titles.
I will accept if asked because I am a professional who brushes and flosses.

Unfortunately I'm probably going to change my life and career path soon. So professionally I will be stuck being pre-professional, but as long as I think, feel, and act like a professional, I am professional.

Professionally yours,

Aaron (Bibbly)   read

1:36 PM on 02.03.2013

The PSN is SONY's Silent Assassination of The PS3

This rant comes a little late to the PSN bickering party, granted. It's just unsettling that I've put a dust cover on my PlayStation because I've given up on it. I feel like I don't actually own it and that the company who manufactured it has rifled around with its insides one too many times. The following is a rant about my distaste for what I feel is the intentional defaming of the PlayStation 3.

The "PlayStation Store" application that now takes two minutes to load and has the worst frame-rates of any game or application that I have seen running on the PlayStation is a nightmare. I've seen Linux and even a modified version of windows booted on a PlayStation 3 and they ran smoother than what is supposed to be the E-commerce hub of the PlayStation brand. The store now sits like an aggravating kidney stone inside the belly of the PlayStation 3. SONY has sized it up and placed a lid on the PlayStation's pine box, pounding one single nail in the coffin. The lid of the PlayStation 3's coffin has an unresponsive swivel and squeaks.

In confidence at the launch of the new store I believed like any person who thinks that SONY has the best intentions in the 'upgrade' of the store. It is supposed to provide a better, more secure, and user friendly service. The first day I launched after waiting for it to download and update, I saw screen tearing, it ran like it wasn't meant for the PlayStation. It appeared like a format composed of advertising space and was slow between menu transitions. Hoping these things were isolated issues,I dismissed them until I had friends complain to me about the new format as they experienced the same problems. Where the issues could have been my TV they were not, where issues could have been my connection, it was not. Simply put,, an application which should support e-commerce on a platform which is created by the company who manufactured the appliance should work flawlessly. SONY has made the application less of a tool and more of a burden because it runs terribly.

I have also noticed that download speeds are not what they used to be. Conferring with other Playstation 3 owners, the consensus is that SONY is intentionally acknowledging their platform and its services as obsolete and inferior. Why would a company make a graphical user interface which does not function smoothly on a platform they created when the company knows exactly what the system can and cannot do? Why would they release the store in such a poorly functioning state?

SONY now has a unequivocal history of both removing features and functionality on their platforms. At this point branding SONY as lazy and incompetent and using the term close-minded as descriptor of the company and its operational practices is appropriate. I was able to see what the PS3 could do at a time when SONY didn't intend it to do very early on. I didn't think anything of the removal of flash card slots among other little nodes of hardware in the name of cost effectiveness. The removal of the alternate OS boot was questionable as it raised questions such as, "What is it they don't want it to do?", but I shrugged it off because realistically most people would never use that feature.

Something seems odd and overbearing when a company who manufactured an appliance does something negative with purposefulness. It is a bit of a cliche but it is true that more security often means less freedom and with the Playstation 3 now firmly shackled and chained against so many threats. Regardless of how functional the PlayStation 3 is, it is composed of outdated hardware. That is not to say the property owners at SONY should go out of their way to make the platform totally obsolete from the inside out. Steps can be taken to have content coded in a more efficient way that will allow it to run smoother and as a result more functionally. Experiencing screen tearing, lag, and a draw distance of 30vm(virtual or video meters) is silly when a few tweaks can make a profound difference in the operation of video game content and delivery and not just content presentation.

Without even taking inflation into account, marketing for the next line of consoles from Microsoft and SONY is going to have to go into a hazardous-critical red zone. I can only hope people will be critical enough to not buy into a new swindle. We run these businesses on a very basic level and we vote with every dollar we spend. Without a sense of entitlement we should make our demands clear and concise to manufacturers of these products and be willing to turn our backs to them when there is a screw up. Strive to be informed and free to say no, it will present an argument for innovation and competition. The industry will still be there, it will not spontaneously crumble. Don't be bullied into a bum deal, be ready to say no and be made to feel guilty about it. Be ready to be enticed and lead to believe something that may not be true.   read

1:27 AM on 02.01.2013

Confirm or Deny: Feb 20 Investors Conference for PS4 (image)



10:33 PM on 01.06.2013

Voxels maaan, voxels.

Ever heard of the word 'voxel' is like a buzz word in computer gaming in the same way 'nuclear' or 'radiation' was a buzz word in the 1950s.

Voxels are pixels with virtual mass or volume. They are a kind of evolution to the pixel in a lot of ways. The parameters in which a 3D body will interact with an environment so too will voxel bodies on a pixel level. That's like the cellular level of 3D objects maaan. That's deeeeep.

Cube World is like if The Legend of Zelda on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System has a love child with Minecraft and that baby was voxels maaan. It's deep. When enemies die, the like, fall apart into a shadow of their former self, that's deeeeep. So deep in fact that in Cube World you can like, tunnel to hell. That's as deep as you can get without like, comming out on the other end of the sphere on that hemispheres deep end, you keep going, you get shallow and voxels are anything but shallow. It isn't about how they look, it's about how they interact or if you want to go deeper how the user, the gamer, the player, interacts with voxels in their environments. That's like if in the movie Inception, they all stopped for a moment to watch the movie Inception right when all the kicks are triggering during the climax of the film, voxels are that level of deep.

The wonderful, wonderful Voxatron

Voxatron is another voxel game, that's out. You can play this thing. It has a voxel level of detail where by if you cut a pillar in half with your pew pew bullets, that pillar will crumble without actually loosing mass, it will only dissolve kind of, it's siiiiick.

Anyway, can't wait till voxels are like in every first person shooter. Every bullet will have bullet fragments equal to the size and shape of the bullets they came from, and like, cars that explode will actually explode without loosing mass, like in GTA one through 5. When a car goes POP shit from that car goes missing. That shit is not going to happen with voxels. Like when the cars are on fire, the rubber and vinyl in them could like melt, that's a voxel level of deeep that only voxels will ever be able to do.

I guess folks in the future will have fucking awesome video games or whoever, whenever. Until then I guess I'm left waiting for Cube World and Star Bound. Fucking Star Bound. Star Bound is not voxel based but it is deeep, not voxel deep, but fuuuuck, It is like Terraria and Borderlands had a good fuck and made a Star Bound baby. Star Bound is deeeep. Star Bound and Cube World are still in development which means they are only getting deeper, like, one side of the hemisphere is growing as they travel into it, so like, they get double deep as they get deeper into development.

Cube World is going to be a breakout success without question. i look forward to it.

Wollay's Blog - The place to check up on Cube World's developer and development:

For Star Bound information:

Gonna love it. Gotta do that. Check the things out.
Get hype, feel love.

THROW A MOOSE (that's Canadian slang for have a good breakfast and feel good all day. <3)


1:36 AM on 01.06.2013

Why "Little Inferno" and its Non-formula is a formula that works.

Little Inferno can't easily be placed in any one gaming genre. It's as much a sandbox game as it is a puzzle or mystery solving game, as it is an adventure game. It's odd and quirky and dark like the Tim Burton-esque visuals would imply and yet it is as heart warming as it is unique. All of these it is in spades but non of them singularly it is completely. As a comparison Little Inferno reminded me more of Trash Panic than any other game, and like Trash Panic it has a formula of non-formula that works.

Little Inferno puts you in control of a fire place, after a very campy introduction which portrays the fireplace almost like a children's toy within which children are to burn their toys. The people behind this title "Tomorrow Corporation" know it is silly and if you get anything from reading this, know that it is fun. Little Inferno has a sense of humour about itself. In a game where you huck things into a fire place to watch them burn, explode, and animate having a levity about it makes it worth while.

The sandbox portion of the game comes from interacting static objects within the fire place. You can smash things on the sides, crumble ashes, freeze, and cut them with other objects or the mouse. Some objects have their own gravity, others may emit heat, cold, or have some other property. The properties the objects have in a static space contrasts well to the effects they have or emit while ignited. My favorite item is a laser pointing hand that dynamically cuts any object set in front of the time delayed laser.

Now, it is odd game. Granted, the main play-set of it is a fireplace. Part of the adventures in finding out what happens when the objects are together or together on fire, and that's part of a mystery you have to solve on your way to making interesting combinations. To unlock more objects you have to complete mysterious combinations of objects by igniting objects with similar properties or perhaps unique themes. The way the game progresses is by discovering these combinations. Catalogues which contain items can only be unlocked after discovering sets of objects with ambiguous tag-lines like "Generations", and you are left to figure out what items will unlock that combination when they are grouped together and ignited. It seems simple but you will literally burn through dozens of objects trying to find the combination that works. After moving forward the very odd story will progress and you will be treated with mysterious letters, which you then read and burn.

There are more than 50 objects to interact with and a strange story and almost point and click adventure feel to some portions of the game. It is a fun and silly game that is worth your time and attention. The game's story is about warming the world - the gameplay is about a feel-good experience. It delivers again and again. In fact, deliveries are how you receive objects to burn after having selected them from interestingly themed catalogues. If you are in the least bit interested or confused, don't wait another second check Little Inferno out! As a title that is beautiful in its simplicity, experience it.

Recommended Most For Those Who Liked The Art and Play Style of:
-Don't Starve
-World of Goo
-Burning Sand
-Katamari Damacy
and especially
-Trash Panic
- Also recommended for anyone with abstract pyromania.

My strong suggestion is do not look up anything for Little Inferno at all.
Ever. Not so much as a trailer or a screen shot.
That's a lot to ask but trust me, get a copy of Little Inferno.
It will feel so good not knowing what to expect.
Go in cold. Play it and then show it to a friend..   read

11:46 PM on 01.03.2013

We Are In A Third Video Game Renaissance

TLDR: poor edits in this, vid console sales drop - does innovation drop? maybe. CITATIONS NEEDED also tits

Disclaimer: This is an unedited rant about personal speculation concerning the future of the video games industry. I am not trying to side with any extremes nor do I.

There have been three electronic entertainment renaissances to date. We are within the third. Here is how, why, and what it means for the industry we love:

Because of Atari, Intelevision, Nintendo, Sega, Sony, and much latter to the party Microsoft we have had incredible leaps and bounds in the electronic entertainment industry. The last two decades of gaming has been an age of incredible innovation that goes beyond entertainment. As a more recent example gyroscope research has found its way into biomedical science, motion tracking has lead to smart monitor and camera technology, video games and technology developed for gaming has gone well beyond its intended purposes and mostly for the better.
What are you even saying when you say that?!

Now, many people, consumers, gamers, - the central audience and computer savvy core of PC gaming has for the most part given home video game consoles the cold shoulder. For apparently valid reasons mostly concerning the aesthetics or practicality of the entertainment software medium. The very rational and albeit valid reasons not to purchase or invest in home video game consoles has led to consoles becoming more multipurpose in design, thus pushing innovations which may benefit other fields. So in a way I suppose PC gamers who boycott or speak bitterly about the pros of video game consoles have done well.

Fortunately or perhaps unfortunately because of this third renaissance we're just starting, it appears there is a branching path of forks leading to our imminent and very real future. One absolutely leads to competition and innovation, one leads to a mish-mash singularity of PC gaming and home video game consoles entertainment, etc.

Totally lost here.

Cloud gaming works and it's cheap. You don't really need to make any kind of actual investment beyond a subscription and perhaps a few other things like an Internet connection, but no big expensive products or physical products need to, for the most part, be purchased. OnLive has/had a home console box that worked fairly well and their PC service did as well. They received generally positive reviews and as any new company trying to profit on the edge of an entertainment razor does or will do, they have had financial and technological setbacks which can only be expected. The SteamBox is similar in a lot of ways and may have a few tweaks or work in conjunction with a home computer, the end result is similar as OnLive which is to produce less strenuous and expensive demands on consumers by producing an effective means to access entertainment.

The PSVita, 3DS, and Wii-U are all working as a mish-mash of designs and ideas all crammed into a package that like the Wii and motion tracking arcade games, may never have their potentials fully realized by producers and developers. That isn't to say these things are failures but the Wii for example is the culmination of years of research which has lead more into other industries than anything else. Touchscreen technology even more so as a means of cost effectiveness and ease of access for devices.

Anyway, what does all this mean for our technological future?
I think the biggest and best questions to ask is, "What are the current major companies in home entertainment going to do to compete in a more PC centric future?".
This is the question that is the umbrella which all of what I have said above falls under. Beyond applications and devices with multi-purpose designs, they are all trying to emulate personal computers. Netflix, Facebook, Crackle, YouTube, Internet browsers, friends lists, multimedia servers, and more are all native to personal computers. OnLive and SteamBox accept that fact more blatantly, openly. Console ports to PC, an independent video game surge, the prevalence of purchase bundles, and . . .

Do the sciences push technology or does technology push science?

And a singularity of console and PC gaming is kind of plausible. Almost necessary really. With every game headed by a major player in the video game industry having a checklist of mandates and insane budget plans, release schedules, and narrow profit margins, it is almost needed and I'm sure would be openly accepted. Online video games need to bridge between all versions of that title to form a cohesive online community, or else what's the point? It isn't environmentally ethical to produce a product annually just so you can push all of your customers onto the next new thing on some bastardized form of consumer product symbiosis. The industry isn't respecting people enough nor granting them access or use of their services and products beyond how they dictate. They can shut the servers off when they want to and owe you nothing. Console gamers get the short of the stick because of this because they are so sharply bound to comply to the rules and regulations to the games they play. While a PC user can just make a server or session for essentially any title, even titles which were not produced or developed to have online support. Because of this you'll still find Quake and Doom being playing. As an example what of the diluted online communities of the Call of Duty, Halo, or Madden games? DefJamRapstar and MMO titles are still on store shelves for consoles in many areas when they have no more support or even a means to experience the title, someone forget to send a memo to retailers? The market in that way is not in favor of consumers or gamers.

What do you do if you want to play a game yet you do not agree with the companies practices, terms of services, or DRM? As a PC gamer you'd probably pirate whatever software it is you want to play. As a console gamer, you pretty much have to say yes to everything, no question.
Part of the renaissance I hope, is a more friendly almost entirely DRM free future for video games on the PC. While I also hope consoles begin to form bridges between services to allow for more accessibility, but not only is this suggestion a stupid one and flawed on too many levels to count - it is perhaps a suggestion that is too late.
I hope Sony innovates.
I hope Microsoft innovates.
I hope Nintendo stays crazy and quirky and fun.
I hope PC gamers get their better graphics, not because they need it, but because they are paying for it and driving the consumer interest investment portion of the engine that drives computers forward.

I hope people will realize technology, like life, is impermanent and that no matter in what way your entertainment is delivered to you - you will be bound by the means of content delivery. With many terms of service going the way of 'this service is granted on a temporary license' we can say no and force them to come up with something better.

Personal prediction: A lot of people are going to go with PC gaming as a cost effective way to get everything they want and with the added bonuses of cool shit home consoles don't do.   read

12:43 AM on 12.09.2012

You gotta see this: Skrillexquest

Say what you will about Skrillex or dubstep music in general, this has to grab your attention if you are a classic Zelda fan. Someone has written a love letter to the digital frontier by incorporating the music of Skrillex with a Legend of Zelda inspired adventure.

In Skrillexquest you take on the role of the P1, the one who will save a Nintendo cartridge from falling into glitched obscurity because of a fleck of dust that fell onto a connector and started to make the game unreadable.

As the game world begins to fall apart and corrupt into the glitch, artifact pixels begin to attack and stain the landscape with corruption. As the hero it is your job to collect the artifacts and keys to preserving the land.

The game uses the sounds of Skrillex's music to transpose broken lines of code and corruption as a character, Skrillex's music is also used for the soundtrack as well. So if you're not a fan of Skrillex's music, this might be a pass. As someone who isn't that big of a fan, I still laughed when I found the 'bangarang' an odd pun in place of the blue boomerang from The Legend of Zelda fame.

It's a fairly short game with a few collectibles. On my first run I had a 47% completion rating so I am unaware as of yet if there is some kind of bonus for a 100% clear. It made me smile more than once which I think makes playing this game worth the while.

Check out Skrillexquest here:   read

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