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Bibbly's blog

1:36 PM on 02.03.2013

The PSN is SONY's Silent Assassination of The PS3

This rant comes a little late to the PSN bickering party, granted. It's just unsettling that I've put a dust cover on my PlayStation because I've given up on it. I feel like I don't actually own it and that the company who ...   read

1:27 AM on 02.01.2013

Confirm or Deny: Feb 20 Investors Conference for PS4 (image)


10:33 PM on 01.06.2013

Voxels maaan, voxels.

Ever heard of the word 'voxel' is like a buzz word in computer gaming in the same way 'nuclear' or 'radiation' was a buzz word in the 1950s. Voxels are pixels with virtual mass or volume. They are a kind of evolution to the ...   read

1:36 AM on 01.06.2013

Why "Little Inferno" and its Non-formula is a formula that works.

Little Inferno can't easily be placed in any one gaming genre. It's as much a sandbox game as it is a puzzle or mystery solving game, as it is an adventure game. It's odd and quirky and dark like the Tim Burton-esque visuals ...   read

11:46 PM on 01.03.2013

We Are In A Third Video Game Renaissance

TLDR: poor edits in this, vid console sales drop - does innovation drop? maybe. CITATIONS NEEDED also tits Disclaimer: This is an unedited rant about personal speculation concerning the future of the video games industry. I ...   read

12:43 AM on 12.09.2012

You gotta see this: Skrillexquest

Say what you will about Skrillex or dubstep music in general, this has to grab your attention if you are a classic Zelda fan. Someone has written a love letter to the digital frontier by incorporating the music of Skrillex wi...   read

1:37 AM on 11.30.2012

Why Portal is Shit and Quantum Conundrum is King

I don't like Portal and I really do not like Portal 2. I'm not saying it just to say it, I'm saying it because I mean it and because I feel it to be true for myself. It is a genuine distaste I am sharing and I don't believe a...   read

10:14 PM on 10.13.2012

Survival Horror is Dead, Long Live Survival

I remember when survival horror was actually kind of spooky. With that said, I was also the kind of kid who would peek through his fingers during the cartoon Ghost Busters Animated Series introduction. Fucking ghosts flew at ...   read

11:07 PM on 10.12.2012

Tokyo Jungle is A Casual Mobile Game

Tokyo Jungle is a casual game. A player can play Tokyo Jungle in short bursts and level up their animals or play for anywhere between twenty minutes to two hours maxing out animal's challenge lists. In either scenario, the ga...   read

9:17 PM on 09.09.2012

I tried to make a video game. *several of them

I used to try and make video games. The best mod I ever made was as close to a total conversion of Warcraft 3 I was going to get without having to make my own assets. It was based only on the woodland creatures and elves. It...   read

2:04 PM on 08.29.2012

Uber Entertainment's 'Planetary Annihilation' is happening!

It's a real thing, has it's own official website and everything. Check out the site: CLICK HERE Now, keep in mind if you have not contributed to this project - have this as the top-most idea about this project, you are ef...   read

2:31 PM on 08.15.2012

Uber Entertainment of Super MNC, needs YOU!

Super Monday Night Combat's developer and Free to Play service provider Uber Entertainment wants to create a new hyper-stylized RTS game. It's called Planetary Annihilation and its a cluster bomb of awesome. What it will inc...   read

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