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Bibbly avatar 10:33 PM on 01.06.2013  (server time)
Voxels maaan, voxels.

Ever heard of the word 'voxel' is like a buzz word in computer gaming in the same way 'nuclear' or 'radiation' was a buzz word in the 1950s.

Voxels are pixels with virtual mass or volume. They are a kind of evolution to the pixel in a lot of ways. The parameters in which a 3D body will interact with an environment so too will voxel bodies on a pixel level. That's like the cellular level of 3D objects maaan. That's deeeeep.

Cube World is like if The Legend of Zelda on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System has a love child with Minecraft and that baby was voxels maaan. It's deep. When enemies die, the like, fall apart into a shadow of their former self, that's deeeeep. So deep in fact that in Cube World you can like, tunnel to hell. That's as deep as you can get without like, comming out on the other end of the sphere on that hemispheres deep end, you keep going, you get shallow and voxels are anything but shallow. It isn't about how they look, it's about how they interact or if you want to go deeper how the user, the gamer, the player, interacts with voxels in their environments. That's like if in the movie Inception, they all stopped for a moment to watch the movie Inception right when all the kicks are triggering during the climax of the film, voxels are that level of deep.

The wonderful, wonderful Voxatron

Voxatron is another voxel game, that's out. You can play this thing. It has a voxel level of detail where by if you cut a pillar in half with your pew pew bullets, that pillar will crumble without actually loosing mass, it will only dissolve kind of, it's siiiiick.

Anyway, can't wait till voxels are like in every first person shooter. Every bullet will have bullet fragments equal to the size and shape of the bullets they came from, and like, cars that explode will actually explode without loosing mass, like in GTA one through 5. When a car goes POP shit from that car goes missing. That shit is not going to happen with voxels. Like when the cars are on fire, the rubber and vinyl in them could like melt, that's a voxel level of deeep that only voxels will ever be able to do.

I guess folks in the future will have fucking awesome video games or whoever, whenever. Until then I guess I'm left waiting for Cube World and Star Bound. Fucking Star Bound. Star Bound is not voxel based but it is deeep, not voxel deep, but fuuuuck, It is like Terraria and Borderlands had a good fuck and made a Star Bound baby. Star Bound is deeeep. Star Bound and Cube World are still in development which means they are only getting deeper, like, one side of the hemisphere is growing as they travel into it, so like, they get double deep as they get deeper into development.

Cube World is going to be a breakout success without question. i look forward to it.

Wollay's Blog - The place to check up on Cube World's developer and development:

For Star Bound information:

Gonna love it. Gotta do that. Check the things out.
Get hype, feel love.

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