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Bibbly avatar 2:04 PM on 08.29.2012  (server time)
Uber Entertainment's 'Planetary Annihilation' is happening!

It's a real thing, has it's own official website and everything.

Check out the site: CLICK HERE

Now, keep in mind if you have not contributed to this project - have this as the top-most idea about this project, you are effectively purchasing this title while it is in development. If you contribute, you buy the game. The benefit to this is that the money will go into its development - making it better.

So if you are even remotely curious, interested, or a fan of RTS games, Cortex Command, Fragile Alliance, dare I say a fan of Star Craft - consider contributing to this project.

Here is the breakdown of their stretch goals, as posted on the official website.

Now, large water planets sounds kick ass. It might mean a more detailed environment, possibly under water combat - not to mention organic life or alien life that may be present. Possible not H2O water, maybe sulphuric acid or something - they're freaking Uber - which means if you go on their official forums you can suggest shit to them and they will probably put it into the game. If you think you have any good ideas or anything worth while to contribute at all - even dick bumps and cocaine would be appreciated. Just go on the forums and say things.

Personally, I want to see orbital stabilization with the engines. Satellite/planetary surveillance and probing for materials. I'd like to possibly see planet cracking *the removal of large pieces of a celestial object for extraction of materials, etc. Also I'd like to see atmospheric swapping between close objects *see 'Melancholia'.

It's safe to say that I'll be throwing every idea I have at Uber.

DO NOT HESITATE. Contribute if you're interested or have ideas.
You'll only be rewarded with a richer game to play. Sounds good!

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