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Bibbly avatar 2:31 PM on 08.15.2012  (server time)
Uber Entertainment of Super MNC, needs YOU!

Super Monday Night Combat's developer and Free to Play service provider Uber Entertainment wants to create a new hyper-stylized RTS game. It's called Planetary Annihilation and its a cluster bomb of awesome.

What it will incorporate is a planetary war over asteroids, planets, and takes place within entire solar systems. The presentation is a very stylized and visually stunning art style. If you could take the visually stunning nature of a game like Torchlight and put that into an RTS, you'd be pretty close to the look of this new game.

Please check out Uber Entertainments kickstarter page and support this great looking, fun and exciting RTS.

Check out the kickstarted and support the project!

Things worth mentioning:

-Hyper stylized look that will not age with time.
-Unit construction plays on a 3D printing kind of idea which is new and from a sci-fi point of view, understandable.
-Full orchestra score - nothing pumps up the will to blow up a planet like a brass section blaring low notes.
-Articulated structures which have multiple functions and animate according to function. - in the trailer you can see a unit attaching to a rocket for launch to an orbiting asteroid, a highlight of interplanetary RTS titles like Fragile Alliance.
-Uber Ents. little personal touches. - Super Monday Night Combat has a lot to offer to Free to Play gaming, the new generation of the MOBA genre, and skill-based gameplay. Expect all the wit Uber has to offer.
-Planetary engines -you're loosing your base? Turn up the throttle and throw your planet into the enemies home world!
-Economic pricing - Game will launch with an amicable price tag. - discounts are available for contributions with the title being available after $20! Get in on this!

*something interesting here, if you pledge $10,000 you become a fully accredited part of the development team.

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