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Bibbly avatar 1:36 PM on 02.03.2013  (server time)
The PSN is SONY's Silent Assassination of The PS3

This rant comes a little late to the PSN bickering party, granted. It's just unsettling that I've put a dust cover on my PlayStation because I've given up on it. I feel like I don't actually own it and that the company who manufactured it has rifled around with its insides one too many times. The following is a rant about my distaste for what I feel is the intentional defaming of the PlayStation 3.

The "PlayStation Store" application that now takes two minutes to load and has the worst frame-rates of any game or application that I have seen running on the PlayStation is a nightmare. I've seen Linux and even a modified version of windows booted on a PlayStation 3 and they ran smoother than what is supposed to be the E-commerce hub of the PlayStation brand. The store now sits like an aggravating kidney stone inside the belly of the PlayStation 3. SONY has sized it up and placed a lid on the PlayStation's pine box, pounding one single nail in the coffin. The lid of the PlayStation 3's coffin has an unresponsive swivel and squeaks.

In confidence at the launch of the new store I believed like any person who thinks that SONY has the best intentions in the 'upgrade' of the store. It is supposed to provide a better, more secure, and user friendly service. The first day I launched after waiting for it to download and update, I saw screen tearing, it ran like it wasn't meant for the PlayStation. It appeared like a format composed of advertising space and was slow between menu transitions. Hoping these things were isolated issues,I dismissed them until I had friends complain to me about the new format as they experienced the same problems. Where the issues could have been my TV they were not, where issues could have been my connection, it was not. Simply put,, an application which should support e-commerce on a platform which is created by the company who manufactured the appliance should work flawlessly. SONY has made the application less of a tool and more of a burden because it runs terribly.

I have also noticed that download speeds are not what they used to be. Conferring with other Playstation 3 owners, the consensus is that SONY is intentionally acknowledging their platform and its services as obsolete and inferior. Why would a company make a graphical user interface which does not function smoothly on a platform they created when the company knows exactly what the system can and cannot do? Why would they release the store in such a poorly functioning state?

SONY now has a unequivocal history of both removing features and functionality on their platforms. At this point branding SONY as lazy and incompetent and using the term close-minded as descriptor of the company and its operational practices is appropriate. I was able to see what the PS3 could do at a time when SONY didn't intend it to do very early on. I didn't think anything of the removal of flash card slots among other little nodes of hardware in the name of cost effectiveness. The removal of the alternate OS boot was questionable as it raised questions such as, "What is it they don't want it to do?", but I shrugged it off because realistically most people would never use that feature.

Something seems odd and overbearing when a company who manufactured an appliance does something negative with purposefulness. It is a bit of a cliche but it is true that more security often means less freedom and with the Playstation 3 now firmly shackled and chained against so many threats. Regardless of how functional the PlayStation 3 is, it is composed of outdated hardware. That is not to say the property owners at SONY should go out of their way to make the platform totally obsolete from the inside out. Steps can be taken to have content coded in a more efficient way that will allow it to run smoother and as a result more functionally. Experiencing screen tearing, lag, and a draw distance of 30vm(virtual or video meters) is silly when a few tweaks can make a profound difference in the operation of video game content and delivery and not just content presentation.

Without even taking inflation into account, marketing for the next line of consoles from Microsoft and SONY is going to have to go into a hazardous-critical red zone. I can only hope people will be critical enough to not buy into a new swindle. We run these businesses on a very basic level and we vote with every dollar we spend. Without a sense of entitlement we should make our demands clear and concise to manufacturers of these products and be willing to turn our backs to them when there is a screw up. Strive to be informed and free to say no, it will present an argument for innovation and competition. The industry will still be there, it will not spontaneously crumble. Don't be bullied into a bum deal, be ready to say no and be made to feel guilty about it. Be ready to be enticed and lead to believe something that may not be true.

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