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BiZznAcH's blog

8:40 AM on 12.05.2007

is it just me or is the update wwaack.

Last night I got on my 360 to check out the new Dashboard update. I was pretty excited not gunna lie, I guess that the ability to look at people's friends brings out the stocker side of me. Anyways, I was only on for about 3 minutes when my xbox froze. So I was like okay.... this is probably normal cause my 360 just downloaded a big file or whatever. So I let it sit there for a bit then turned it back on. After another 10 minutes it froze again.

I'm hoping this is a common thing for people and not my 360 being an epic fail for the 4th time. So.. please comment and tell me if I should just try again tonight and see what happens or should I call microsoft and sit on hold for a couple of hours...

oh my jesus.
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8:21 AM on 10.03.2007

BiZznAcH is back in the BiZznUsS!

pretty much my 360 broke in June and I was to lazy to call it in for about 4 months.
my 360 has returned from repair and now its on like donkey kong.
i also got a wii for my bday, exciting, i know.
you should all add my tag: MiZz BiZznAcH

oh and:
all youz stickam people, what happened to you.
I leave for a little bit and there is no mas destructoid chat.
playing song "all by myself"

*I realize that im retarded for using capitals on random letters.
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12:21 AM on 07.25.2007


so i dont write many posts as you see..... most of the time i dont know what to write about. well i have been inspired. i am going to write about whatever i want. its an awesome idea.

so my first thought on this revolation is....
the internet is for porn.


there are even stats.


yea this is a pretty lame blog.
they will get better.
i promise.
i said it.
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5:54 PM on 06.15.2007

yea.. this is me.

Well this is my first time posting a blog, so I think i will tell everyone who reads this about me. My name is Ashley, but to people that know me in gaming I am BiZznAcH. I have been playing Xbox Live since Halo 2 came out, so do the math. I am a major gamer even though some people dont see me as one. I play mostly FPS, but I absolutly love DOA4. I have a 360, Xbox, PS2, PS1, Nintendo64, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advanced, and Sega.
Often times I get asked how I got into gaming since I am a girl. Well, first off I know girls that kick major ass in any game, so don't classify all girls as stupid whores on xbox live, yea you know the ones. Most of us are real gamers that play for the experience. Anyways, I first started playing the Sega when I was 5, favorite game being Toe Jam and Earl. Then I would watch my brother play video games with his friends and all I wanted to do was play, but he wouldn't let me. So i begged my mom for an xbox and i got one for xmas, along with Halo 2.
After having Halo 2 I was addicted, I would get on whenever I could. I have been a part in many gaming communities such as KSI and XGC. I am currently out of the phase and I just play to play. I have made many very good friends that are important people in the gaming world.
That is a little about me I suppose, I will be posting as much as I can for any people that will actually read them. Thanx for reading.
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