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The Wrong Questions about No Man's Sky

"Where are the quest lines!?" they bellow in unison from their teeming hive below. "Give us cut scenes and check points! Bald-headed protagonists that afflict and offend!" "Sure, you've created a limitless universe that ext...


E3 2014... FaSh1on Sh0wwww!!

Oh. Em. Gee. Did you see that? I mean, did you see it?! I know you were looking at it, but DID YOU SEE IT!??! E.3. Twentyfourteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen. I can't even. I... just...can't even begin to even. If you multiplied the n...


What the Hell *is* Nintendo Doing?

     I took the screenshot above about 3 months ago, as a reminder of just how bewildering the Big N has been since the Wii U. Even with a 360-esque head-start on the console competition, and a cash advantage that makes even...


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I recently quit my warehouse job to blog about videogames and stream hearthstone for several hours a day.

I strongly recommend doing the exact opposite of anything I say.

Skateboarder, Motorcyclist, Mormon.


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