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Better On Holliday avatar 10:58 AM on 01.13.2014  (server time)
NGNY Week #1: Hopes, Desires, Fears, Effects

It's officially been one week since I started my year-long journey to clear my backlog and taken the oath to not buy a single video game. Whew! One down, only fifty-one more to go!

I did manage to make it a whole week without buying any video games (sadly, this could almost really be considered at least a mild accomplishment for me). It will be interesting to see how hard things get later on in the year, especially when certain anticipated titles are released, but as of now I'm still feeling pretty good about it.

As I stated in my first blog, over the past couple of years, almost every time I've contemplated buying a new game, there's a certain sting of anxiety the creeps over me. Will I enjoy this game enough to justify the price? Will I have time to finish it before something else comes out that I want? Even thinking about upcoming games I was excited for made me nervous. Should I start playing this game now? If I don't finish it before that game comes out I'll have to juggle multiple games, and I may not finish one or the other.

Now that buying any new games is out of the question, I feel a sense of relief from that anxiety. In addition to that, there's a new-found excitement for the games I have. The biggest thing I have to worry about is should I play Super Mario Galaxy or Clock Tower next.

With all that being said, my actual gaming for the first week was a bit of a let-down. My goal was to finish Heart of Darkness, Fear Effect and Metal Gear Solid (or start Mario Galaxy). I finished Heart of Darkness, but my time with Fear Effect was a bit of a disaster to say the least (you can read about it in my previous blogs). Then I've just been too busy to really play anything the past four days or so. C'est la vie, I suppose.

It's officially the new week though, and I have today and tomorrow off of work. What will I be playing non-stop? Super Mario Galaxy 2. Both Galaxy games are on my list, but from the little time I've spent with both, I can say I like the second one better, mostly because of the streamlined level navigation, so I wanna start with that one. I've also been slowly picking away at Soul Sacrifice on the Vita for when I don't have the time to invest in a lengthy game session.

I'll have more on those games whenever I finish them, of course.

That's all folks! Happy gaming!

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