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9:02 AM on 03.06.2013

Gaming Culture In Pakistan Or Lack thereof : Part 1 The Gamers

So yes I hail from the Asian country called Pakistan and am about to inform you of my homeland's Gaming Culture which kind of does not really exist. You see Pakistan is a very poverty stricken country and more than half of it's population doesn't have access to permanent homes let alone platforms to play video games on. And a great portion of the population which is economically stable views gaming as something young children do. So an extremely small percent of Pakistan's population actually plays games. Now Pakistan's gamers can be divided into three types The Zoner, The Kid and The Actual Gamer. Let us have an in depth look at all these types.
The Zoner
The Zoner is the kind of person who spends most of his type in the poorly equipped gaming zones ( I think you people call them lounges ) playing CoD with his school mates while abusing each others' mothers and the such. The Zoner doesn't care or know about any other game or platform and will refer to CoD as MOHAA. This is because Medal of Honor Allied Assault ignited the multiplayer shooter craze in Pak and the zoners still think they're playing an "advanced" version of MOHAA. Pakistan has a very few gaming tournaments where you actually win something so the Zoner only plays to kill time and not to earn something or prove his skill. The Zoner's poor knowledge of gaming is also reflected by the fact that if he's playing a single player first person shooter he will ALWAYS call it IGI and argue with you if you try to correct him. But it's also to be noted that The Zoner will hardly ever play a single player game.
The Kid
The kid is the type of gamer who's parents bought him a PS2 sometime in his childhood and he doesn't recognize the fact that the next Playstation is out. Even if he does he will definitely argue that the PS2 is better. The Kid might also have a PS3 but if he does he'll say things like : I played HALO and Gears of War on my PS3 and won't agree that HALO isn't on PS3. The Kid will also say things like:
1: I played Assassins Creed 5 on my PS3
2: God Of War 4 is Awesome
3: I Just got a PS4 or even PS5
4: Call of Duty's campaign is awesome
The Kid doesn't know about things like online multiplayer,platform exclusives and generally about games. But that does not mean he will be willing to be corrected. In Fact he will argue to his death saying THAT HE HAS PLAYED UNCHARTED 5 and would show if he hadn't lost the game.
Than There is the actual gamer. The actual gamer is pretty much defined by the name. He knows about websites like Dtoid and keeps up to date with Gaming news. He also likes to show off his gaming knowledge often recommending good games to clueless customers in shops
In the next part I will be discussing the gaming shops in Pakistan
Please criticize my blog openly as I want to Improve
Thank you for reading!   read

8:10 AM on 02.25.2013

Crysis 3: Impressions

So I got Crysis 3 on Xbox 360 a while back and my in game statistics show that I've played for about 3 hours which is sufficient for giving you an impression of the game since,according to the reviews,it's half the game's entire length! So far I've found much to like about Crysis 3 both in terms of gameplay and visuals.
Crysis 3 is quite the looker. With great lighting effects and textures on every surface in the game you feel submerged in the game's world which's design itself is pretty astounding with vegetation covering New York's skyscrapers and streets.The first time you enter the city you will be stunned by the visuals and spend a few minutes just admiring the game's beauty. The most beautiful thing in Crysis,visually speaking, is it's grass which is extremely realistic and an example of how far game visuals have come.Each blade of grass brushes aside when you are walking or in this case sneaking through a field of grass. Crysis 3 is really one of the prettiest games of this generation. The water effects are also fantastic and really pull you into the game considering many of the levels of this game have streams or ( Yes ) dams you have to swim or wade through. The facial animations are also pretty detailed and help in conveying the emotions of the in game characters which are also quite likeable.
But enough about the visuals let's focus on the what really matters in a game: How it plays. I've really come to like Crysis 3 in this aspect as I am doing a stealthy playthrough and stealth is extremely satisfying thanks to the new weapon the game introduces : The Bow. Now, some reviews have said that the bow is overpowered and I can't help but agree since it can literally one hit kill most enemies in the game and you never run out of ammunition since you can retrieve your fired arrows but the thing is the bow is pretty........AWESOME because it is immensely satisfying to take down a group of enemies in a matter of seconds in which you are repeatedly firing arrows like some sort of badass Robin Hood. Other than this weapon the gameplay stays fresh because of the powers your character is given. You can become invisible, jump like Jordan, kick cars and be bulletproof. These powers all require energy which regenerates when a power is not being used. These abilities allow for a host of different approaches to a certain level and they really make the player feel empowered which is something players love to feel.
Let me sum my impressions up by saying this game is a must play for stealth lovers and generally people who love open ended and empowering games like Dishonored and Far Cry 3.
Thank you for reading! ( This is my first blog apart from the introductory one and I'm sorry for it being pictureless as the internet speed here in Pakistan is quite enraging ( we do not get over 100Kbps ) and it takes quite a while to upload an image)   read

11:27 AM on 02.15.2013

Hi. You guys are the best.

Hello This is my first blog post at destructoid which's blogs I've been avidly reading for the 7 months now. So all you need to know about my gaming life can be found in my description. And I will try to blog regularly now as I really want to get into gaming journalism. Some of my favorite bloggers include Elsa ( PLEASE WRITE MORE ) and Uhh to be honest I don't really remember the names but believe me when I say this: DTOID is host to some of the best bloggers I've ever read. So really thank you for existing. Okay then see you in my next post.   read

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