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Benny Disco
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Not'toid Episode 1: Final Sex


Our first podcast!

This week we discuss the complexities of the universe and the far-reaching consequences of president Obama's policy decisions... Just kidding! We talk about butts and penises and Donnie Iris and The Cruisers. Good times for all!

Cast: Benny Disco, Zombie Orwell, and Occam's Electric Toothbrush

Art by Long John

Download/stream link: https://archive.org/details/NottoidEp1

Look for the next question thread in the C-blogs!
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About Benny Discoone of us since 9:53 AM on 03.24.2013

My name is Benny. I work full time in a freak show eating live chickens, and I work part time as Brendan Fraser's scrotum cleanser.

I play video games sometimes, but most of the time I'm too poor and don't have enough free time. I still like talking about them though.

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