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Benny Disco avatar 11:13 PM on 12.09.2013  (server time)
5 Franchises That Telltale Should Tell Tales Of

At awkward-fest 2013 AKA the Spike Video Game Awards, Telltale games confirmed the rumors that they were making a game based off of the popular Game of Thrones TV show (as opposed to the A Song of Ice and Fire novels that the show is based on, much to my dismay).

i'm predicting the game will turn out great, but I don't quite think the franchise is a perfect fit for Telltale's signature style. Here are 5 franchises that I think would be a great for Telltale Games:

1. Psych

Watch any episode of the mystery show "Psych" and it becomes clear that the characters are basically right out of a cartoon. With the show's great sense of humor and "murder mystery" format, it would be the perfect fit for an episodic San & Max style point and click adventure.

2. Breaking Bad

It's practically a cliche by now to say that Telltale should do a "Breaking Bad" game, but that's because it's such a great idea. The show could easily get the Walking Dead treatment and have different characters set in the same universe.

Breaking Bad's central theme of a normal man becoming corrupted by turning to a life of crime could easily be used in another great story.

3. The David Lynch Universe (See "Twin Peaks" and "Blue Velvet")

It's obvious that I'm a huge Deadly Premonition fan, but I don't feel like the idea that Deadly Premonition is essentially "Twin Peaks: The Game," is accurate. It had a lot in common with the show and made a lot of references to it, but I don't feel like a game have ever truly nailed the feeling of what I feel are Lynch's best works. It has more of a superficial Twin Peaks coating for what is a truly unique experience.

Judging from The Walking Dead, I think Telltale is one of the few companies that could make a game that's matches both the storytelling and style of Twin Peaks and Blue Velvet.

4. Mushi-shi

Mushi-shi is a woefully underrepresented Manga/Anime series about a traveler name Ginko who is a Mushi-master (not quite like a Pokemon master). He researches small paranormal creatures called "mushi" and helps people who have problems caused by them. The stories can range from beautiful and optimistic to melancholy or even downright depressing. 

It did receive a Japan-only DS game, but I feel it deserves more.

5. Clock Tower

Oh yeah! THAT Clock Tower!

Telltale is great at interspersing tense action scenes with adventure gameplay, much like what is needed for a great game in the Clock Tower franchise. I'm imagining Walking Dead/The Wolf Among Us adventure sequences interrupted by needing to run and hide from scissor man.

It would also have a great possibility for branching story paths, with the identity of the killer changing based on your choices.

Final Note:

I've done it once again! I have come up with a plethora of ideas that would make a video game company filthy rich! Why haven't I been hired yet, dammit?!

Thanks for reading!

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