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BenHaskett avatar 3:35 PM on 03.07.2013  (server time)
Hey Everyone! Please Help get my Board Game Funded on Kickstarter!

Hello, everyone,

I have not blogged here in about three years now!--I've been busy busy busy working on something, and I'd like to plug my game share it with all of you now.

I have made a board game--It's a roguelike board game, heavily inspired by the likes of Chunsoft's Mystery Dungeon series. It's been making some *very* small rounds recently, and it got picked up by a small publisher called 5th Street Games.

It has been an interesting challenge, trying to find a happy medium between the trappings that make roguelikes unique and what makes a competitive board game fun. But I've had a year now to really tighten things up--I was heavily inspired by Chunsoft's classic Mystery Dungeon series Torneko, Shiren the Wanderer), and I'm very pleased with the results! The game is called Baldrick's Tomb, and it has four heroes traveling down to the bottom of cursed dungeon, where the insides are forever churning and rearranging. True to roguelikes, the contents of everything are a mystery, and randomly generated. You will fight monsters, trigger traps, but also use powerful scrolls and find gobs & gobs of treasure.

The publishing deal brings with it a ton of great changes. First, the game has been tightened up in all areas. If you watch the video review below, all of the issues they discuss have been addressed! Players draft their own skills, are never stopped by traps or monsters, and now have all sorts of new and interesting ways to interact with the game! Also, the game's visuals are getting a full make over, with art by Erin Fusco!

Currently, Baldrick's Tomb is on Kickstarter. I'd be thrilled if any of you would be willing to take a look at it, and if it seems like something you might be interested in, I hope you might consider backing it:

If you'd like more information on the prototype version (the game before 5th Street picked it, you can check out these links:

An interview with The Game Crafter:

A video review from The Gamers' Table:

A written review from Father Geek:

The game's BGG page:

Thanks very much for your time!

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