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BekkaBaby's blog

9:26 PM on 02.23.2010

Dragon Age Origin Expansion Question

i loved DAO, I thought it was a awesome and entertaining gaming experience i wish more RPGs were like this. My only question about the expansion is does your love interest in Alistair carry over to the expansion???? i probably only care so much cause im a girl but would it really be so bad to be the Grey Warden Commander and Queen of Ferelden??? But at the end of my game I married Alistair and the credit go on to say we lived happy together and then at the end says Alistair went away on business and would one day return to his love Anora i guess I would like to carry on being able to be the Grey Warden Commander and Queen of Ferelden to keep the funny love dialogs with Alistair. Does anyone have an answer for me?? sorry for sounding like a dumb girl wanting a love story lol. If not maybe a new love interest for the ladies???? Still hope Alistair is the old favorite returning for the expansion ( :   read

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