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Beezy603's blog

9:31 PM on 04.19.2011

Portal: Can someone explain why its so popular?

So I've been seeing commercial after commercial advertising the new Portal 2. WTF is so dope about Portal? From what I've seen it looks like two semi-gay robots run around shooting holes into walls and then jumping through them. Big whoop. Is there some plot? Every description I've read doesn't do enough for me, so Can someone explain whats up?


9:21 PM on 06.16.2010

Princess Toadstool is a little ungrateful

So I played Super Mario Bros. 3 today for like 4 1/2 hours from start to finish. After some extremely frustrating moments I finally made it to the very last level. Whooped Koopa's ass, went thru the blinking door, found the Princess and she had this to say:

Really? After everything I went through to save you all you have to say is "Ha Ha Bye Bye" fuckin serious? Better hook my boy up. Atleast take him to Red Lobster.   read

7:56 PM on 05.18.2010

Alan Wake: My thoughts on the first few hours

First off let me say this game is dope.(lol) From the jump this game managed to keep my interest, which most games fail to do. So far I've only played through the first three episodes and I'm curious to see what happens next. I've never played a game of this genre before, I'm mostly into FPS. The gameplay itself is solid, the controls are simple & easy to use, and the plot keeps your attention. It actually made me jump a few times, but not actually scare me (YET!) I found I had got lost a few times looking for manuscript pages but getting my bearings back was easy. Also the hunting rifle is dope. I like the way the plot plays out like a television show, and how the beginning of each level recaps the entire story.

A few things about it I didn't like is the driving, it's kind of....clunky. Also be careful of cliffs in places you didn't think there would be one. One of the biggest things about this game that I dont like is how the manuscript pages actually ruin the surprises in the story. I've picked up a few that basically tell me whats going to happen over the next few minutes and in turn ruins the surprise. It's not as suspenseful if you know danger is around the next corner. Did I mention I didn't like the driving portions?

All in all it's a great game so far,aside from the few dislikes. I would definently recommend to anyone who hasn't purchased and is looking for something new and interesting.

I'll post a full review once I finish the game.   read

11:10 PM on 03.29.2010

it's 12:12 to 12:35 a.m. and I still aint cured my Mapathy

I waited up like a crackhead for these maps to hit the XBL marketplace at midnight...and nothing. I've literally been sitting perched between my xbox & laptop refreshing the page online and clicking into and out of the games add-on section on my 360. All in the hopes that I may be able to download quickly and play atleast one game before I have to get up at 7 am.

Now it's 12:14.
Im normally not one of those people who wait in line for 12 hours to get the new Halo crapgame. (I hate Halo...ever since that fateful day.............) But I've been addicted to MW since the first one and the second didn't help curb my addiction. I feel like Chris Rock in New Jack City (that's a movie from like 18 years ago about drugs and Chris Rock is an african-american actor/comedian...for you younger readers lol). I am seriously sitting up tired as hell, drinking a Corona waiting for my XBLive to tell me I can start downloading my new maps.

It's 12:17.
My friend has texted me 12 times asking of good news and i have none to give. I'm beginning to give up hope.

it's 12:23 now......everything is getting all dark & blurry....(coughs)

fuck you TV

After apologizing to the television for my previous outburst I tell myself that if the MW2 Stimulus Package is not available by 12:45 I'm going to climb in bed with my girlfriend and that will be the end of it....even though I doubt Im going to do that. im off to the kitchen to grab another Corona. It's the beer of danish kings ya know.

In the the 'M' listing in the Xbox Live Game add-on marketplace it lists; MLB 2k7, MLB 2k8, Monster Madness. SOMETHING is missing between 2K8 & the monster bullshit.....yea...i got an idea of what that could be.

So i figure the fuckin download won't be out untill its midnight on the westcoast.....which is bull but thats for another time. I end this blog with a bit of...disappointment for not having a happy ending....but i can always download it in the morning and goto work late...PEACE!   read

7:16 PM on 03.16.2010

So i just got God Of War 3.....

...earlier today and holy crap. For those of you who haven't got it yet or don't plan to, GO GET IT!

I've only played a few hours and so far it's lived up to the hype. From the opening sequence it just sucks you in. Even the opening credits were dope in their sin-city-esque graphics. The controls are basically the exact same as before with minor changes, the new moves and weapons I've found so far are awesome, and the action is non-stop. It's kind of overwhelming.....or maybe I'm just too excited half the time.

I was hooked on GOW1 & GOW2 and this third installment is the best so far hands down! Go get it, and if you already have it go play it. I might just ignore everyone I know for a few days.

*side note*
Has anyone else noticed that Kratos is like 30,000 times more pissed off this go round than the last two combined?   read

7:47 PM on 03.09.2010

Introductions....Yes Im related to Kratos

Disclaimer: Im not actually related to Kratos...probably CJ from GTA:San Andreas tho.

Whats good Innernet

I've been on here for a couple weeks and finally decided to introduce myself. Everyone calls me Beezy or Beez so lets just go with that. I'm 26 and i've been gaming since the good ol NES days. I actually still get lightheaded from years off exhaling into those damn cartridges.

Few things to know about me, I'm a part-time musician full-time dad, and my job is so awesome I only work like 3 hours a day, so im gaming pretty much all the time. I've owned pretty much every popular system ever made, and once while on vacation I found a golden whistle that transported me to stage 8.

I've been playing Gears of War 2 like it's my job, and God of war collection like it's crack.

Im easily the coolest person i know......Im pretty sure. So yeah that pretty much all i can say without repeating myself for now, American idol is on in the backround and it's really frikin annoying.

If anyone wants to join a party or ask me for the real-world locations of Hyrule & the Mushroom kingdom hit me up

XBL- Beezy603
PSN- Beezy603king

holla for a dolla

A.Cole   read

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