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BeerBelly avatar 7:10 PM on 06.11.2013  (server time)
PAC-MAN In a suit

How did you get introduced to videogaming? I know how I did.

Around 1980-81 I was an aspiring CPA and starting my own business. I walked into an electronics store to get some supplies, and they had this new promotion going on promoting the PAC-MAN game. I never saw anything like it. Alongside three or four PAC-MAN games a guy was there to show everyone the game. He says to me "try it out" so I did, and was immediately addicted. Well, the guy then says that PAC-MAN (Atari, i think) was sponsoring a contest in a week or so. SIGN ME UP!

So just for jollies I register. I am pretty sure it was free. Sorry I can't remember but it was like over 30 years ago, right? I get to this contest a while later, all dressed in my suit and all, and took on my first round of what looked like 10-12 year old kids with their mommies looking on. I knocked em down like flies. Day 2: same thing, but the flies got a lot bigger and didn't fall quite so fast. I even almost lost a few games.

Day 3 lasted most of the day. I battled and ate up little dots as fast as I could, remembering my patterns from the previous games. Near the end of the day there I was, not the last mand standing but the ONLY man standing. The other two left standing were babies. My opponents for the Friday Finale, two kids not even out of grade school and there I was in a suite and a college degree in my pocket. Friday I got there early to scope out the room. My two little buddies were already there grinding away at the little PAC-MAN dots. The time comes, I am next up against a little kid with curly hair. He was toast.

But he wasn't toast. He smoked me like a salmon. Embarassed, I walked up to get my third place prize. It was a PAC-MAN tee shirt and I think $50.. This was in Arizona. I was the third best player in the state. And somewhere now there is a forty something out there probably still playing the PAC-MAN game he won. It should be mine. I wore the suit.

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