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Becca Roberts avatar 12:06 PM on 10.13.2011  (server time)
What's going on? I don't even....

Well hello there! If you haven’t already heard the news, or read Beccy’s blog then let me tell you a juicy bit of European flavored gossip:

As of the 1st of November, Hollie Bennet is leaving Destructoid :’( to work at Namco Bandai and she is leaving the European community in the crazy hands of me – Becca Roberts and Beccy Caine!!
May god have mercy on your souls…

I will be looking after the PR and press side of things, attending events and keeping up-to-date with all things new and exciting in EU gaming, as well as continuing BritToid – the awesome British gaming podcast. I'm a slightly crazy but happy person, so hopefully I will bring some of that to BritToid. Don’t worry, I’ll look after it I promise!

Beccy will be looking after the community side of things and making sure everyone stays in line (she can be feisty so watch out).

As the European community has grown over the years Hollie wanted to make sure that it remained strong and continued to grow to develop into an Optimus Prime of a community; one that reaches out to places from all over Europe to assemble its parts. When we all come together we make a super-fantastic, and sometimes disturbing team.

Through my time at Destructoid I have made so many amazing friends. It really is such a welcoming community! In Europe we are quite a close bunch, which is demonstrated through the utterly strange conversations that take place in the emailer, to the amount of fun we have every time we meet up to attend events throughout the year. I really hope to make a positive contribution to this fantastic site and I wish the wonderful Hollie the best of luck in her new job catching Katamaris instead of babies (watch out, I’ve heard some of those stars can be quite sharp!).

If you want to get involved in our crazy-happy-fun-times then join the EU mailer. We talk about cocks and stuff. Also sometimes games, not too often though.
So my important details are:

[email protected] (exciting!)

Follow me on Twitter: @beccaroberts17

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