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Beazzy's blog

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Beazzy avatar 6:08 AM on 02.27.2014  (server time)
Here we go! (Reviews, Rants & General talkaboutgaming-ness)

To whoever actually reads this as my first gaming blog, HELLO! 

I'm passionate about video games and movies the most so I might write about those the most. I'm European but my main language is not English so please excuse me if sometimes I write really silly sentences.

I have always wanted to somehow get myself into the reviewing side of gaming media, my first descoveries on the internet about video games were reviews so maybe I will give it a shot! To share my gaming passion with the world I also stream on Twitch account. I normaly go live every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at around 7pm CET, but I'm very inconsistent when it comes to streaming due to school and social life.

I'm very outgoing. If you ask me a question I will respond as soon as I get it :)

My main goal is to have fun writing some blogs about the games I play, opinions on topics and the ocassional rant! (dum dum duuuum) :D

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