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I'm an avid gamer and have been ever since my dear old Dad bought me a ColecoVision with Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr. (which I enjoyed more) for my third birthday (1986). By 1990 it was time to upgrade to the NES with the obligatory SMB/Duck Hunt alongside Super C and The Legend of Zelda.
As much as I'm not still really a fan of the Zelda games, that game felt so mysterious. I used to spend every weekend bombing cliffsides and attempting to burn down shrub after shrub. I never did beat any of those games though. Eventually I was introduced to my two all-time fave NES games: Clash at Demonhead and River City Ransom. I'm still waiting on something that can replace RCR for pure fun. (Oh Scott Pilgrim, you were so close... no items that grant unique moves/abilities or hidden bosses though.)

Next was the PC. My dad bought me a 386 "for school" in Grade 3 after I'd been raving to him about playing Leisure Suit Larry (my parents and family were pretty cool, couldn't care less if I saw a bit of digital titty) and and old Roguelike called Evets - The Adventure (still have a copy). Admittedly, I may have done a book report or two on that thing, but every time my dad's friend/computer dude came over, he'd bring me piles of pirated games... registered versions of all the Commander Keens, Duke Nukum (that's how my copy spelled it) Wolfenstein 3d, Return to Zork, the Hugo Trilogy, Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure, Monster Bash, Quest For Glory (and all of Sierra quest games)... eventually Doom 2, but that wasn't so much a big deal for me. Return to Zork was followed by my mother picking up the Zork Anthology for me for Christmas one year. I opened it, installed in and discovered there were no graphics. Most kids would have been disappointed, I was instantly sold. I played through all the Zork games, and still go back to them to this day. Man Zork Zero was tough. I then picked up Simon the Sorceror, and it rocked.

My preteen and early teen years were spent buying and selling consoles with money I saved up as a dirt shoveller/seller at my uncle's convenience store. I bought and sold an SNES, Genesis, several Gameboys and N64's, a few modded Playstations and Dreamcasts. Played the crap out of all of them and made a decent profit to boot. Saved up some cash to buy a modern computer, but spent the money on skateboards, magic cards, malt liquor and 420 (I was a troubled youth, at times.) My Mom, being an amazing woman, then sprung for a decent Pentium. I found the internet (and and ISP that forgot to change our password when my mom cancelled the service to ground me for continued inebriation and who also forgot to bill us for usage) and through that, the Home of the Underdogs (which I still miss, let's be honest, it's gone), z-machine interpreters, SNES emulators and NetHack, which I got all of my friends into. We'd sneak over to my friend's place (his dad drank a lot and didn't care) late at night to smoke up and play ROM after ROM.

Eventually, I moved to Ottawa, our nation's capital, and bought a PS2 with some money I had leftover from the move. DBZ Budokai 2 was excellent, but not nearly as awesome as the twins that lived across from me in the hallway of the building I moved into who came over during a party and started giving me Super Street Fighter 2 lessons until I learned how to hold it down with Cammy and Ken. Those were two wild party houses... I remember seeing one of my friends almost vomit after pulling off Akuma's Super-insta-death move (the thing that causes the flashing/unseeable hits) with a head full of hallucinogens.

I'm 27 now, and have had all sorts of adventures in gaming and life. I currently rock a PSP, DS, iPhone 4, x360 and hell yeah my ps2 is still in active use, thanks to x360's poor selection of RPG's. I still probably play Nethack more than any other game. Now I'm a teetotaller and use games to keep me out of trouble when I get those old urges. Life is great, and I'll be gaming until I die!

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