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BeardoCI's blog

5:27 AM on 11.01.2008

NXE? Big whoop. How about fixing the hardware?

Dear Microsoft, Take NXE and stick it up your collective backside, sideways. Stop pimping this to me, I'm really not interested. The Dashboard works fine; it's your hardware that sucks. Its not that I don't appreciate your...   read

3:43 AM on 10.01.2008

On games I thought were rubbish 1......

Working some weird shifts lately, so I've had a fair amount of time to spend with my consoles. This, of course, leads to a re-examination of my games-collection and a re-play of some of them. Notable among these games is t...   read

7:41 PM on 09.16.2008

Long-time lurker, first-time blogger.......

Well, been hanging around Dtoid for ages (like six months or more) and finally got my lazy ass signed up. This blog thing is pretty cool - something I'd only been peripherally aware of before. So, a bit about me then.... I'...   read

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