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Bealtespip122 avatar 1:32 PM on 03.22.2012  (server time)
VG Memories: Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures

This has got to be one of my most favorite games of the Super Nintendo. Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures stars (as you may have guessed) Pac-Man! Unlike the first game, you donít control control Pac-Man directly. You take control of a slingshot, shooting at things to help guide Pac-Man, complete objectives and, more importantly, staying out of trouble. There are four episodes in all. Each requiring you to do something as simple as getting milk or putting your life in danger to get a birthday present. Come to think of it, the intros to every episode plays out like a sitcomÖ

An interesting bit that plays in this game is how Pac-Manís mood can determine the outcome in situations. His emotions can range from Happy to Depressed to Cocky to just Fucking Furious. For example, when heís confident, heís more than happy to jump over a dangerous chasm. When depressed heís very hesitant and needs a little push. When heís angry heís willing to pick a fight, even with someone clearly bigger than him.

Of course Blinky, Inky, Pinky, and Clyde, who are lead by the Ghost Witch, are around to try to get rid of Pac-Man in every episode. They will appear in every opportunity they can get to slow down Pac-Man or just outright destroying him. This is when you, as the player, comes in to help him out. Pac-Man is 100% vulnerable to the ghosts. Shoot him a power pellet and heís ready to kick some ass as Super Pac-Man!

Back then this was a whole new experience for me. It really played out as a Saturday Morning cartoon with all the situations Pac-Man can get into. I always wondered what new areas I could discover if I made Pac-Man happy or mad. I think the reason this game holds so much appeal to me is the overall silliness and humor. For example, the Ghost Witchís main plan to get rid of Pac-Man (and possibly take over the world) is to steal all the chewed gum from children to create a gum monster. Why they couldnít buy gum and chew it themselves is beyond me. I guess itís more evil if they steal itÖ

I love how Blinky is struggling to get that gum.

Like I said, itís silly. Thatís the best possible word I can use to describe this game. But thatís why I really love it. Itís not afraid to have fun with its premise and itself. Whether itís fighting a cat for a hot dog, Pac-Manís exaggerated emotions or battling a monster made of gum, I canít help but laugh my ass off and enjoy it.

If you ever plan on getting this game I would suggest getting the Super Nintendo version over the Genesis because Pac-Manís voice is what really makes him enjoyable to get a reaction from. I think itís on Amazon for $5. That includes shipping! When getting through all episodes, I canít help but think about how much fun I still have with this game after 17 years. No other game can match the wit and charm this one has left on me. *sob* Ha ha.

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