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Beachman's blog

12:45 AM on 01.28.2008

The Beachman has Cometh (Profile Blurb?)

Since it's not letting me create/edit the contents of my profile for some reason or another I'll post my intro here.

The name is Steven Beach and if you cross me I get stabby. And the world doesn't like me when I get stabby. And if you're sitting there wondering if I'm for real or not, well, maybe I am...and maybe I'm not. Who's to say? Been around gaming since I came clawing out of the womb, though I didn't start playing until I was four or five, I can't remember, that was a long time ago. I'm going into my last semester as a screenwriter at Columbia College of Chicago. Oh no! You know what city I live in. Go ahead. Stalk me. I dare you! Though I'm majoring in screenwriting I'm no longer going to pursue a career in it full time. I'm a writer all around. I love writing fiction and other odds and ends as well as screenplays, but now I'm looking to broaden my horizon and become a game writer as that career feels like the path I should go down and everyone that knows me would agree. What kind of stuff do I write about? I like killing people and not getting caught, well I do, but the people who read what I write don't know that I'm a murderer, of my characters that is. Killing people on page is fun! I love writing horror. The dark stuff. The things that make you tremble at night. Been like that since high school. I'm starting to consider myself somewhat of an expert in the genre now. I also enjoy skipping through a field of dandelions with a bonnet of sunshine. I'm pretty odd too. Which is one of my charms...I guess. I'll write some more later. I think you know enough right now. Can't have you knowing too much now, can we? You know what happened to the man who knew too much? He lived a long and fruitful life. No more. No less.

In the on-line gaming world I'm part of the kick ass vVv Gaming. Some people hate us, others love us. I'm just me baby. I play all kinds of games. Rpgs are my favorite as I love to invest my time in the stories of the game although I pretty much play any type of game besides sports or racing, those really don't interest me. I own a 360 and most of the systems that are in existence before it. The 360 is way better than the PS3, just get used to it and don't try to fight it. It's always easier when you come over peacefully.   read

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