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Batthink avatar 2:19 PM on 11.23.2008  (server time)
The Art Dump (Week 10: Jollyjack Hits The Banjo Edition)

Ah, Ashly. How old ladies adore you. In a creepy way.

This week on the Art Dump, Jollyjack may have given me the impression that he may have been involved in the design stage of the third Banjo Kazooie game. Since he mentions about clues to this in this DeviantArt comments under his artwork, I am pretty sure.

If I'm right, it couldn't have happened to a better artist. Although some of his work is sometimes NSFW depictions of furries, he's got some excellent 'How To Play...' guide comic strips and fan art, particularly his recent artwork of the Channel 4's UK phone-pranker, Fonejacker.

"Hello, sah! I'm from your baaaank! I just like to make you awar' of tha intaresting artworks in your DeviantArt account that need protecting, and I would like your password..."

Run, Banjo. Run.

Piddles by Jollyjack

Evil Toymaker by Jollyjack

Evil Toymaker At Play by Jollyjack

Street Fighter II Turbo 2b by Joe Ng and Adam Vehige (Udon Crew)

Custom Samus Action Figure by Red3183

Street Fighter IV 1 by Arnold Tsang (Udon Crew)

Lego Batman Cover by Joe Ng and Espen Grundetjern (Udon Crew)

Character Select: Akuma by Alvin Lee and Espen Grundetjern (Udon Crew)

Character Select: Deejay by Alvin Lee and Espen Grundetjern (Udon Crew)

Chibi Tight Clothes by RDCarneiro

Your thoughts, grumps and moans, feel free to load a comment with them.

Batthink out.

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